Mrs. Smith's 3rd Grade Newsletter

October 17-21, 2016

Reminders and Important Dates

  • Oct. 17 – PTA General Meeting at 6:00 – 2nd and 3rd grade Performing
  • Oct. 14th - Box Top Competition - send in your Box Tops
  • Oct. 26th – Picture Retakes and Make-Up Day
  • Oct. 28th - Reflection entries are due
  • Oct. 31st - Pet Parade Permission slip due - Students will not be allowed to come to the pet parade without a permission slip.
  • Oct. 31st - Book Character Dress-up Day - Come dressed as your favorite book character.
  • Oct. 19th - PTA Breakfast with the Principal at 8:30
  • Nov. 3rd - Progress Reports go home
  • Nov. 6th - Daylight Savings Time
  • Nov. 9th - PTA Wacky Wednesday – Super Hero Day - Bring $1 to support our PTA.
  • Nov. 10th – 1⁄2 day for students - Dismissal is at 11:00
  • Nov. 11th – No School – Veterans’ Day
  • Nov. 21st - PTA Meeting at 6 P.M. - 4th Grade Recorders
  • Nov. 23-25 – No School – Thanksgiving Holidays
  • Nov. 29th - Progress Reports go home

Classroom Needs: Band-Aides and Kleenex

Reading Corner

Comprehension Strategy (test Fri.)


Comprehension Skill

Author’s Point of View – what the author thinks about a topic; use detials from the text to support the author's point of view (opinion)


Expository Text

Vocabulary Strategy

Suffixes – a word part added to the end of a word that changes the meaning –less means “having no” or without” and –ful means “full of”

Grammar - Action and Linking Verbs

American Landmark Research

Vocabulary (test Thursday)

1. Caretakers – care for a person or animal and keep it safe

2. Success – when something ends well

3. Population (of animals) – all the animals of the same kind living in a place

4. Recognized – to remember someone from the past

5. Relatives – people who are the members of the same family

6. Resources – things that are available to be used when needed, such as water

7. Survive – to stay alive

8. Threatened – something is in danger of being hurt

Spelling Words – blends (scr, spr, str, squ, and thr)

Your child’s spelling list was sent home on Friday. Please work on the spelling pattern for this week. Spelling test is on Thursday.

Math Zone


  • Introduce Multiplication Properties - Associative Property, Commutative Property, Zero Property, and Distributive Property.
  • Continue multiplication using repeated addition, making arrays, and creating groups.
  • Continue reviewing addition and subtraction at home.
  • Weekly Math test is on Friday.

Science World

  • We are finishing up Motion and Design and will begin investigating magnets with our MagLav Unit.