in special education

about service animals

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Background Knowledge

  • Service animals are animals that assist people with disabilities. The animals are trained to perform tasks that their handlers cannot do for themselves. A service animal allows a person with a serious disability to be more independent and to live a fuller life.
  • Three types
  1. service animal
  2. Guide animals
  3. hearing animals
  • In September 2010 the civil rights division of the U.S redefined a "service animal"
  • Examples of what these animals do

Research going on

  • There is research going on about the canine brain.
  • Canine intelligence is controversial
  • a canine's ability to learn is great
  • Studies being done at WVU with service dogs for vets.

Current practices on how schools address service animals

  • The ADA requires schools to provide access to individuals with disabilities
  • The must allow a service animal into the school if a child is assigned to one.
  • The school districts must modify its policies and practices.
  • It is determined by the child's education team
  • Student aides in classrooms have a big role
  • concerns of other students and faculty