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Last Newsletter For the Semester

Congratulations on getting past your assignment due date! All grading for the assignment due date has been completed. Please be sure to review your grades and your assignment feedback. Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 19th) is the final day to submit any missing assignments (with a 30% late work penalty). Please note - we only have 1 assignment due date left this semester!

What Are We Studying Next?

Week of 4/18

Module 10
Music of the 80s and 90s

The 1980s saw the reinvention of Michael Jackson and the emergence of Madonna, who arguably were the most powerful musicians during the time. Their videos became a permanent fixture on MTV and gained a worldwide mass audience. Michael Jackson's Thriller album from 1982 is the best-selling album of all-time; it is cited as selling as many as 110 million copies worldwide. Being the biggest selling artist of that decade, he was indisputably the biggest star of the 1980s.

The popularity of country music exploded in the early 1990s. The stage had been set in 1989 with the debuts of several performers who proved to be profoundly influential on the genre during the 1990s and beyond. Most notable of that group was Garth Brooks, who shattered records for album sales and concert attendance throughout the decade.

Assignments to expect:

  • One discussion question on country music
  • One assignment on Michael Jackson
  • One module listening project of Music from the 80's and 90's
  • One module test

Week of 4/25

Module 11
American Music of the 2000s and Beyond

Distinguishable elements which can be attributed to the 21st century, from a musical point of view, are the common and mainstream usage of pitch correction software. The rise of the internet, media player programmes such as iTunes as well as music and video sharing websites such as YouTube became very popular.

Popular music of the United States in the 2000s saw the emergence of another wave of bubblegum pop like NSYNC and Backstreet Boys. It also grew to include Latin stars like Shakira, Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera.

Other styles that emerged in the 2000s include a newer form of hip-hop which include snap music and crunk, and the rise of emo and pop-punk, which had been rising since the late 1990s

Assignments to expect:

  • One discussion question on American Idol
  • One assignment on Disney Stars
  • One module listening project of Music from the 2000s
  • One module test

Quick Note:

Please be sure to cite your sources in your work. Please also remember to use your own words. If you use something word for word from one of your sources, please be sure to put quotation marks around it. Have questions? Drop me an email! I'm happy to help.

Adobe Connect Session Schedule

  • 4.20 - Final Exam Review Part I
  • 4.27 - Final Exam Review Part II

Wednesday nights at 7pm - here!

Important Things to Note

Important Dates:

  • 4/20 - Final Exam Review Part I - Adobe Connect
  • 4/27 - Final Exam Review Part II - Adobe Connect
  • 4/28 - Final Assignment Due Date
  • 5/3 - Last Day to Submit Work
  • 5/4 - 5/5 - Final Exam is Open

Submitting Work Early:

You can always submit your work early (with the exception of the final exam). For all projects and assignments submitted early (this does not include quizzes/tests), you will have the option to resubmit these after they've been graded (to be regraded) as long as they are resubmitted before the original assignment due date. Please keep in mind it can take up to 72 hours to receive an assignment back. If you would like the ability to resubmit your assignment, please factor in the amount of time needed for grading in addition to the amount of time you would need to modify your assignment before the assignment deadline.

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