New Years

Emma Polk

What is New Years?

On New Years people celebrate it all around the world! It lasts 1 day. They celebrate all kinds of things like fireworks, singing and also dancing. The New Years colors are like the flags colors red,white and blue. This may sound crazy but the symbol for New Years is a baby! On New Years people lots of different things like watching the ball drop in Times Square (New York), play bingo and so much more! But its not over yet people also eat diffrent foods like black eyed peas, grapes and also they like drinking wine.

My family

What my family does

On New Years my family (the adults) sit in the kitchen and play cards and eat party platters. The kids stay in the livingroom and eat party platers and play the WII. Then at 12:00 we watch the ball drop on the TV

About the author

I am Emma I am in 4th grade and I am in Mrs.Bausermans Class. I enjoy reading and math and playing with my cats. My favorite animal is a cat. My favorite food is Pizza and My favorite color is Blue