K-2 Wing Newsletter

January 4-8, 2016


At the end of January, the winter NWEA testing window will open. A testing schedule will be developed when we return from our Christmas break. Please be sure each of your scholars has a goal card and knows his/her goal. If a scholar has already met the winter median score during the fall testing, add 5 points to their score. Everyone else's goal should show growth from their fall score by 10 points.

Absences & Time Off

It is vital for you to come to work every day! Our scholars depend on you. Remember, NHA does not provide sick days or personal days to its employees. You are provided no more than 4 absences for the entire year. This time includes when you arrive late to work and when you leave early for appointments. Use your days wisely. If you know of a scheduled absence, please submit your request in writing with a minimum of 72 hours notice. This is a request to have time off. A request is not an automatic approval. You will receive an approval or denial from me or Ms. Robinson prior to your requested date. Verbal requests will not be accepted or approved. Requests of less than 72 hours will not be approved. A letter of reprimand will be issued for teachers who take time when it has not been approved. A rating of level 1 will also be entered into TKES under professionalism. If you are ill, a doctor's note upon your return is necessary. This information is to be provided to Ms. Iyoha. Thank you in advance.

Rules and School Expectations

The scholars return for 3 days the first week back after the break. Please take these days to review and re-teach your classroom and school-wide expectations explicitly. The scholars may have forgotten the expectations. This is also a great time to revisit your social contract and make changes if necessary. Treat these 3 days like you did at the beginning of the school year when building your culture. The review of expectations is very necessary at this point of the year. The tone you set the first week in January will determine how your year continues.


This wing has done a great job keeping grade books updated. Thank you! Please keep up the good work. Please remember to send home graded student work weekly to keep parents in formed.

Important Dates

Jan. 4: Teachers and Staff return to school; Staff PD day

Jan. 5: Staff PD day

Jan. 6: Scholars return to school

Jan. 8: All interim assessments are to be scanned and uploaded to the grade book

Jan. 12: Bring data trackers with interim assessment 2 data to your planning meeting

Jan. 18: Holiday- No school

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