James L. Farmer

By:Trystin Croxton


Born on January 12,1920.

Came from Marshall Texas.

Died July 9,1999.

He fought for Civil Rights.

He was leader of the Civil Rights Movement.

He helped aside Martin Luther King Jr.

He organized the freedom rides.

He was married and had two children.


"We,who are the living,possess the past.Tomorrow is for our martyrs."


Born on January 12, 1920, in Marshall, Texas.He died on July 9, 1999.His mother was a teacher and his father a minister who was also the first African-American citizen to earn a doctorate in the state.Became a freshman at Wiley College in 1934 at the age of 14.Farmer's life as a star college orator was portrayed in the Denzel Washington-directed film The Great Debaters, where Farmer Jr. was played by Denzel Whitaker and his father by Forest Whitaker, with no real-life relation between the two actors.Farmer was in a first marriage with Winnie Christie from 1945 to '46, and in 1949 married Lula A. Petersen, with whom he had two children.He fought for civil rights.