Fire Alarm - All Clear

Holy Rosary Bilingual Academy

An Interesting End to the Vet Day Program!

Hi, Folks.

As the 5th graders were singing their hearts out on the finale, the fire alarm went off throughout the school. Everyone evacuated the auditorium to the outdoors (front and back). A few staff members searched for smoke or a fire, while waiting for the Fire Dept to arrive. After an all clear, students and families were allowed back in the building to get their items and leave or go to Extended Care/Dancing practice. It was an odd way to end the program, but everyone did a great job evacuating the building and it is good practice before the place is packed, once again, for the Hispanic Heritage Festival on Nov. 16th. The 5th graders even continued their song out in the back for an impromptu concert while waiting to re-enter the building. Only at Holy Rosary... :)

The alarm was activated by the 2nd floor elevator sensor, but no problem was noted. It could have picked up the scent from the popcorn machine, which is usually cooking out on the veranda, but we can't tell for sure. Thank you for your orderly evacuation, if you were in the building. I just wanted to let everyone know about the incident and that there was no fire. You should have also received a Parent Alert Text Message.

Have a wonderful 3-day weekend.


Katie Dempsey