Maria Constantino

what kind of course should I be taking in college to prepare my self for a career of midfery

It is best to have a thorough grounding in basic sciences, such as chemistry, biology, and microbiology. In addition, courses in sociology and women's studies will be very helpful for a career in midwifery. Majoring in nursing is probably the most efficient route for a career in midwifery

what are the minimum requirements to get into a nurse-midwifery education program?

Those wishing to practice midwifery outside states allowing for CMs can become certified nurse-midwives. CNMs first become registered nurses by obtaining a bachelor of science degree in nursing. To obtain employment, RNs then pass the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX. New RNs obtain experience on the job, study for a master's of midwifery and sit for the AMCB's national certification exam to become a certified nurse-midwife. These midwife nurses are classified as advanced practice registered nurses

what is the salary?

Average: 90,711

Maximum: 106,383

Minimum: 75,475

what is the Best school to be a midwife?

In my own opinion is Texas Woman's University