Past Battering

The Warnings of an Abusive Relationship

Past Battering: What it is

Past Battering is when someone has beaten their partner before and the partner thinks that they wont do it again but unfortunately most people who are abusive remain abusive.

Abusive Relationships Are ALWAYS Dangerous

Every Fifteen Seconds A Woman Is Battered In An Abusive Relationship

Battering of partners is something that unfortunately happens on a regular basis. Know the warning signs of abusive relationships and get out before it's too late.

Lindsay Ann Burke

After being abused by her boyfriend she finally broke up with him but that want the end of it. He killed her. This kind of thing happens frequently now and the only one who can stop this is the one in the relationship. If you ever feel as though a relationship you are in is turning abusive put an end to it as soon as possible.
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#2: 4000 people die in abusive relationships every year