from Latin "ventus" meaning wind


1. n. an outlet; an opening for passage of liquids, fumes, or sometimes air.
2. tr v. to utter; to express, especially in relieving strong feelings.
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Facts about volcanic vents that you couldn't care less about

A volcanic vent is an opening exposed on the earth's surface where volcanic material is emitted. All volcanoes contain a central vent underlying the summit crater of the volcano.

A fissure vent, also known as a volcanic fissure or eruption fissure, is a linear volcanic vent through which lava erupts, usually without any explosive activity. The vent is often a few meters wide and may be many kilometers long.

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1. Very few dared to venture into the central vent of Mount Doom (aptly named the "crack of doom") and even when they did, they fell to the Ring's corruption.
2. Unable to stand the dwarves' merrymaking any longer, Bilbo vented his frustration at the mess they made in his hobbit hole.


1. airway, passage, duct, shaft, opening
2. voice, express, speak, verbalize, declaim


1. wall, floor, ceiling, solid object, anything that doesn't have an opening for air
2. conceal, withhold, listen, hide, putting duct tape over your mouth


"Bebother and confusticate these dwarves!"
Dinner at Bag End