High School Dropouts

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Summary of Research

School dropout rate has always been high, “dropouts peaked at 1.5 million in 2001.” This has become quite a problem, this has been brought to researchers attention. Researchers found that there were three main categories for the reasons of dropping out of school. These are the categories and some examples. School Related: didn’t feel like they belonged, didn’t get along with teachers, could not keep up with school work, got suspended. Family Related: plans of marriage or married, had to care for family member, became a parent. Employment Related: got a job to support family, could not go to school and work at the same time. As the years have gone on, the dropout rate has decreased, “ the dropout rates fell to 889,000 by 2013”, but we should try to get it to no dropouts. There are many ways to help, as their parent, guardian, friend, teacher, or neighbor you just need to guide them in the right direction. Anyone who is or has dropped out, they just need to be shown the advantages of school and the disadvantages of dropping out. Help them get the education they need, whether it’s online or in a public school. It is not correct to make their decision just help them make the correct decision. It will help them in their life to come.

Emma Rich

I am a 7th grader and the maker of this poster. One of my goals is to go to Brigham Young University. Sadly, many people drop out of High School so they are unable to attend college. So that is why I did my research on High School Dropouts. I hope someday I can help encourage people to stay in school!

Thanks for Reading

-Emma Rich