Sudden Infant Death Syndrome


What is SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is the sudden and unexplained death of an infant under 1 year of age. Which occurs when baby is sleeping

What puts babies at higher risk?

  • Babies that sleep on soft surfaces
  • Babies that sleep with loose bedding or lots of blankets
  • Babies who share beds
  • If baby has been exposed to smoke, during pregnancy or after birth
  • If the baby was born premature
  • If the baby has been exposed to excessive amounts of Carbon Dioxide

Ways to prevent SIDS

  • always put baby in back to sleep
  • do not put blankets/toys in crib
  • do not smoke while pregnant and do not allow anyone to smoke around infant
  • swaddle baby
  • do not place baby on stomach or side to sleep

Signs and Symptoms of SIDS

There are few signs or symptoms of SIDS but one is overheating/temperature fluctuation and another is trouble breathing while sleeping.


  • over 4,500 babies die from SIDS each year
  • Most cases occur at 2-4 months of age
  • more common for boys
  • Deaths most often occur during Fall, Winter, and early Spring months

What to do if you think your baby is affected

CALL 911