A walk from school

kameron turner

One day when I was walking home from school with my little brother JR and my friend Demarco. My brother JR said can we take the greenway because of the traffic from school an the greenway is faster he said I said sure why not it is quicker come on. Why we were walking we were making jokes on each other playing around. But when we was walking my friend Demarco said AYE there go a dog I said you lying then I looked an there go the dog walking around looking mean.

When we saw the dog we got nervous because we knew that the dog was fast and we had to walk that way to get to my house. So we were looking at the dog waiting for it to leave standing there for like 30 minutes the dog see us and we see the dog. In my head I’m like dang I’m about to make a run for It or should I take the street way with the cars. I’m still looking at the dog nervous thinking about what I should do. At the same time my brother an my friend saying they about to run.

So we standing there I’m mad because I’m hungry an it’s A dog that I don’t know think it’s going to run up the hill we on and get us. I starting to say forget it im walking the other way but as so as I started to walk my brother said no call mama. I said ok give me a phone so I can call her he give me the phone I called her she said its to late you should of called me earlier. I get off the phone with her and tell them they mad at me like I did something. So I turn my back and they ran pass the dog I’m yelling like what how they gone dip an leave me. The dog ain’t chase them so I’m like ok this pit ain’t about nothing its not going to bite me. Then I started running toward the dog way and tripped an fell an it bit me right above my butt. I’m fighting the dog because it already bit me. Then it stop trying to bite me an ran into the woods I’m screaming like a word I’m not gone use. So I’m walking home hurt still cursing an yelling at my brother an friend.

When I got home I was sore still hurting about to put a ice pack on my butt. Then I went in my room my sister come in and said what’s wrong with you. I said I got fell and got bit by a dog. After that day I change I hate dog and scared of dog. Now I don’t walk home from school no more.

Every since that day I learned that to never to fall when you are getting chase by a dog. And to never to run from a dog you don’t know. And to never be last to run from something.