Owl Post - Team Hedwig

August 21, 2013

New Take Out Menu's and Fall Product

I hope everyone has been able to watch this past Monday's webinar. The nest announced the Take Out Menu's and new Fall product will be released on October 1. All product, except for the bracelet will be available and ready to order for designers. A week later, the product will be available on our retail sites for customers to order. If you have not watched the webinar yet, please do so. You may click here to watch it.

Inactivity and Your Designer Status

It is very important to make sure that you read and understand the Policies and Procedures. One of those policies is regarding being an Active Designer.

"If an Independent† Designer fails to personally generate at least $199 in Personal Volume ("PV") in whole or in part during a consecutive six (6) month period, his or her Designer Enrollment Agreement may be canceled for inactivity and that Independent† Designer will no longer be considered an Eligible Designer.………."

If you have had less than $199 in personal volume in the past consecutive six months, since March 1, you have until Friday August 30 at midnight EST to place an order to be active.

Please check your PV carefully. If you believe you may be at risk, please contact your mentor or myself if you need assistance figuring these numbers out. If you have any team members under you, please review their numbers and reach out to them if they are at risk.

August and September Hostess Exclusive

The chocolate and medium rose gold locket are the hostess exclusive for August and extended into September. Both chocolate and rose gold are the trending fall fashion colors. If you currently don't carry either of these colors in your inventory, consider having them on hand and pair them together. It's an awesome combination!

Promoting up?

We have a ton of new designers on our team. Lots of new mentors, lots of new teams. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the compensation plan. Check YOUR pv and each of your team's pv. So many of you are so close to promoting and I would love to see you all hit that next level. Not sure where you are? Ask your mentor for help!


So many of you are adding DIW's to your team on a daily basis. Don't forget we have a team page for DIW's. Please add them to the group here!

2014 Convention Registration is now open!!

You don't want to miss out on our next convention July 24-26, 2014. Do you know if you sold just one charm every day for a year, and saved that commission for convention money, you would have $912.50. That would pay for your registration, hotel, food and shopping money!! Click here to register now!