The ¨unsinkable¨ floating palace

The Size Of The Titanic

In 1912 the titanic was the largest ship to be afloat.the capacity was 3,547 people.It weighed around 46,000 tons! The length was 269 meters long, that is about 3 football fields! the width was 28 meters.people said it to be "unsinkable" so the ship was equipped with 20 lifeboats,that could only save 1,178 not even haff of the people on board. the titanic was one of the fastest steamer at that time as well. it was 24 knots. the coal was stored down in the boiler rooms.It held 5,892 tons of coal. there were 706 3rd class passengers,285 2nd class passengers and 39 1st class passengers.1,324 passengers boarded and 894 crew stayed on the ship.that is about 2,222 passengers and crew.

The rooms of the Titanic

The rooms of the titanic were 1st 2nd and 3rd class.1st class had a private bathroom,bedroom,toilet,lounge and extra rooms for servants.the 2nd class cabins were small but comfortable. they had 4 bunk beds with curtains and cabinets. there were also a wash basin and tap water.3rd class cabins were also small but surprisingly comfortable! they had modern and clean beds and had electric lights with heating and cold air.they were at the stern and bow below decks.

The Timeline of the Titanic

In the early 1900 White Star and Cunard were competing in who could make it to the U.S. first.Cunard won and held a blue ribbon to hold onto their mast of one of their ships for 22 years.The White Star derictor was nervous after the win.White Star designer Thomas Andrews created two ships, the Titanic and the Oylimpic.they were giant ships.It took 2 years just to make them in Belfast Ireland (just the outer parts of the ships).Then on May 31th 1911 the ships was launched (just the outer part) Then they had to fill it with furniture and all that stuff.It had to go through some test called the sea test.After the test it made 2 stops to take aboard passengers from Cherbourg, France and Queenstown, Ireland.Then on April 11th the Titanic set sail for New York.On April 12th through April 14,they were come days.on the 14th the latest the titanic was speeding just below top speed,heading south.right under Greenland.the Titanic was getting iceberg warnings,but Captain Smith had no order to slow down.at about 11:39 on the crows nest 2 men stood on it. Fredrick feet and another man.Feet spotted an iceberg and there were heading straight at it!He rang the bell and called the bridge to say "iceberg straight ahead!!!".One of the first officers ordered to turn hard port and in reverse but it was to late.The ship struck an iceberg at 11:40 in just 37 seconds.The front compartments started to fill with water.The men on the ship checked the damage and called to say "The ship is doomed".The damage was a gaping hole in the right side that was 295 feet.The Titanic split in half at 4:oo and went down at a about 4:02.2hrs had past and no sign of the ship.finally the ship arrived in 2hrs to take on survivors. only about 700 survivors survived.2 days had passed and they finally arrived in New York.After this another sea law was passed that every ship should have more than 50 of lifeboats.
The Sinking of the Titanic: A Timeline

The Titanic vs. Queen Mary

Even though there are mostly differences. They were still big ocean liners.

The Titanic was a big ship with a length of 269 meters long and a width of 28 meters.That was bigger then Queen Mary.Even though the titanic was bigger,the Queen Mary was still hevier with a weight of 81,237 tons and the titanic weighing around 46,000 tons! Surprisingly the Queen Mary was also faster with a speed of 28.5 knots and the titanic was only 24 knots.even though the Queen Mary was better,the titanic was thought of being unsinkable and looking more like a hotel then a ship.at the time the titanic was launched it was much bigger then other ships in 1912.There were 860 officers and crew.The Queen Mary was launched in 1934 and there 1,179 officers and crew (big difference).the Titanic capacity of lifeboats was 65 people.there were only 20 lifeboats.The Queen Mary capacity of lifeboats was 145 people.The Queen Mary was created by Cunard and the Titanic was created by White Star Line.The Titanic had 3 smoke stacks and 1 fake one that was just a big giant vent for smoke(the last smoke stack).The Queen Mary had 3 smoke stacks.The Queen Mary had 27 boilers and the Titanic had 29.There were nine decks on the Titanic and a capacity of 2,440 passengers.there were 12 decks on the Queen Mary and could carry 1957 passengers.

Problem of the Titanic and solution to save the Titanic.

When the Titanic was heading straight at the iceberg they should have slowed it down and not had it at top speed.Then when it hit the iceberg,that was a problem.the forward compartments started to fill and the iceberg made a 295 ft gaping hole in the side of the ship! the solution was to tell the operator to send a distress calls like cqd and new at that time sos.they should of had more boats near since the closest ship was 2hrs away.Passengers boarded lifeboats (women and children first)and men waited until the ship came.men had to wait on the sinking ship because they did not had not enough lifeboats for everyone on board.If there had been the right number of lifeboats for all the passengers,the sinking of the Titanic would not have been such a disaster.
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The cause of the titanic sinking and the effect

One of the biggest causes of the sinking of the Titanic was when the ship hit an iceberg.the ships compartments started to fill with water.One of the major problems was that there were not enough lifeboats for the passengers on board.the reason there were not enough lifeboats was because the builders said it was to be "unsinkable"and more lifeboats would make the decks feel crowded.As a result of having so few lifeboats,1,503 passengers and crew died on april 14 1912.