A kookaburra's life

Sejla, Czarina, Rita & Linh

A Kookaburra's life

kookaburras live in forests, near river banks where there are tree, in parks and in gardens.

They live one area and protect it carefully from other kookaburras from moving in.

in a family of kookaburras there is only 1 parent or leader.

kookaburras eat large insects , frogs, small lizards and snakes.

when its about to ain they start to laugh

in urban areas they hunt mice and rats.

kookaburras never drink water but they could still live.

they warn other animals with their laughs.

They bring more tourists to australia because of their famous laugh.

They are the largest of the kingfisher species even though they weigh half a pound.

kookaburra chicks cannot see when they are born & has no feathers,it takes a month for their feathers to grow.the length of a kookaburra is up to 46cm.Their beaks can grow up to 10cm.they can live more than 2 decades and have the same mate for life.the biggest threat to kookaburras is that people have been cutting trees in the forests and our suburbs

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