Demonstration Plan

Karim Machado-Aman @ Minuteman Printing Press

Demonstration Plan


Friday, May 29th, 2015

Time of Demo:

Description of Activity:

What I will be teaching is how to properly organize and fold flyers and pack them accordingly into the boxes provided.


The reason I chose this specific task is because this is the job I've been doing lately for about 1-2 weeks and overall helps you complete more jobs that are assigned.

Details of the Activity:

  1. Get stack of flyers out and organized
  2. Take a small amount of flyers and roll the end of them up and down so there is a small fold
  3. Turn them upside down and slide them into the machine feeder and make sure they are not sticking out
  4. Turn roller on then turn the folder machine on and the flyers will get folded
  5. If they are not going through shuffle them a little bit while inside the machine
  6. Once all the flyers are done take them out and organize them
  7. Make sure you take the crumpled or not cleanly folded ones and throw them out
  8. Make sure they aren't sticking to each other
  9. Make a stack with two of those flyers that have been folded and use a rubber band to keep them together
  10. Repeat process till you have a considerable amount of flyer stack
  11. Then put them inside the provided cardboard box facing up lining them up with 2 rows of three
  12. Make sure you fill the box to the top and take out one flyer so it can be an example to put outside the box
  13. Shut the box with tape and tape the flyer example to the front of the box.
  14. Repeat those steps until everything is complete and ready to go.

Required Materials:

The selected flyers

Rubber Bands

cardboard boxes

Folding machine

Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher:

Do not wear clothing that has material hanging off as it can get stuck into the machines

Do not wear clothing that you don't want to get dirty

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