By: William Shakespeare

What are we going to do today?

Today we will write a summary of dramatic events after reading or watching a play. We will watch the video below that showcases the plot and key events from William Shakespeare's play, Hamlet.

What is the Plot?

In order to summarize Hamlet, we need to understand what a plot it. Go to this site before watching the video and watch the slideshow to better understand how a plot is used in a play.


Kids Explain Shakespeare's Hamlet | GRSF

How did the characters contribute?

Use the picture of the characters below to see if you can remember what role they played in the story. If you are struggling or need help, visit the following site:


Big image

What was the Climax?

The climax is the part of the play or story that is most exciting or surprising. In Hamlet, the climax is when he stabbed Polonius by mistake.

Further Study

If you would like to read a shortened version of Hamlet, visit http://www.one-act-plays.com/dramas/hamlet.html

For a good summary of the story of Hamlet, go to http://www.cps.ednet.ns.ca/Shakespeare/hamletsu.htm

Why Use Online Posters?

Online posters are a great tool for an instructor to use. They are interactive and allow students to engage with the material in different ways. They also allow students to work at their own pace, this way the lesson is not moving too slow or fast for any student. Elementary students love doing work on a computer, so this is an excellent tool to give them what they want all while providing them with a variety of sources and material that we can then discuss in class. The benchmarks used for this poster and many more can be found at http://www.cpalms.org/Public/Search/CriteriaSearch?search=Standards&subjectId=35&gradeId=9