Doreen Duggan

Certified Interior Designer

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Doreen Duggan Loves Tennis

Outside of work, it is important that people have hobbies that they truly enjoy. Investing in activities besides a career helps people find joy in life and sets them up for more balanced, happier careers. Doreen Duggan knows this well, and has made a point to diversify her interests. While Doreen Duggan truly loves her careers as a real estate agent and interior designer, she refuses to make the same mistakes made during her previous career as a sales executive for NYNEX Yellow Pages. Doreen Duggan's hobbies and activities are myriad, including membership in the local yacht club and a growing interest in the sport of tennis.

As a young woman, Doreen Duggan played sports on a competitive level and loved them, especially softball. Doreen Duggan's softball career ended as she graduated college, and Doreen Duggan was forced to search for other opportunities to enjoy competing against other people. Now that Doreen Duggan is in her second career, she has found that she enjoys tennis as much as, if not more than, softball. Doreen Duggan's love of tennis is no secret, and she can frequently be found out on the court, firing forehands and volleys back at her playing partner as both strive to get better. Doreen Duggan's commitment to excellence shows even in her recreational activities.

Doreen Duggan often displays her competitive side through her tennis game. One of the crowning moments of her time with the sport was when she recently teamed up with the local Episcopal priest for a tennis tournament at the yacht club. The clergyman proved as adept with a racquet as he was with a sermon, and he partnered with Doreen Duggan to win the mixed doubles tennis classic in July. Doreen Duggan considers this victory to be the highlight of her fledgling tennis career.

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Doreen Duggan: Friendly Attitude Helps Clients

In a previous career, Doreen Duggan was a highly competitive sales executive for NYNEX Yellow Pages. As a sales executive, Doreen Duggan was extremely successful, winning 5 of the 8 available top sales awards in 1988. However, when she was offered a promotion into sales management, Doreen Duggan declined and chose to retire from the sales field. Doreen Duggan's success in the sales field was completely based on a friendly, helpful attitude with each and every client she came in contact with.

As Doreen Duggan moved into a new career as a real estate agent, Doreen Duggan brought that same friendly attitude into the business and has seen great success as a result. Doreen Duggan is able to be truly friendly with customers without coming across as cheesy or ingratiating. The friendly, laid back attitude that Doreen Duggan possesses allows customers to relax as they go through the sales process. Customers who work with Doreen Duggan see her as another friendly member of the community, rather than as a hard-nosed salesperson.

Doreen Duggan makes a point to see each potential buyer as a person with needs and wants, rather than as a potential commission. This lets Doreen Duggan be truly friendly. Customers who buy through Doreen Duggan have recognized this friendly nature and have been appreciative of it during the buying process. Doreen Duggan's attention to detail and friendly nature has led many to buy from her.

Doreen Duggan's friendly nature also encourages clients to express their unique desires to her. This helps Doreen Duggan work with them to prepare their houses for show and sale, and gives Doreen Duggan insight in to how they want their houses to look.

Doreen Duggan's commitment to friendliness helps clients the entire way through the real estate process. As Doreen Duggan continues in her career, she hopes to carry the same friendly attitude that has brought her thus far.

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Sports Bring Joy to Doreen Duggan

From an early age, competitive sports have been an integral part of Doreen Duggan's life. As a youth, Doreen Duggan played competitive softball as well as other sports. As she got older, Doreen Duggan's talent in softball became more evident and she began to focus exclusively on the sport. Doreen Duggan played softball on a collegiate level through her graduation, at which time the mitt and bat were hung up as regular life took the place of classes and practice.

Doreen Duggan never forgot the experiences shared with her teammates on the softball diamond, and those experiences shaped her life for years to come.

As Doreen Duggan became more mature, she longed for the competitive environment that athletics had provided her, and dreamed of the thrill that came of winning a tough game. Doreen Duggan's competitive nature, cultivated in sports, began to influence her career path. For many years, Doreen Duggan worked for the NYNEX Yellow Pages as a salesperson and account executive. Although Doreen Duggan was a top salesperson, winning multiple awards during her career, she chose to retire instead of moving up in the organization.

Doreen Duggan continued to desire the joy that sports brought to her, and so, in her retirement from the sales field, Doreen Duggan began dual careers as an interior designer and real estate agent. These fields provided Doreen Duggan with time outside of work, in which Doreen Duggan began to pursue a new sport: tennis.

Doreen Duggan became an avid tennis player in the following years, and currently can be found on the court frequently, practicing as only someone with a background in competitive sports can. Doreen Duggan has once again found joy through competitive sports, and recently brought back memories of glory as she won a mixed doubles tournament at her local Yacht Club.

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Connections Help Doreen Duggan Thrive

Building a community is essential to building a successful business. Without a community to fall back on and to utilize as customers, a business will fail regardless of how good of a product they offer. In service industries like real estate and interior design, building connections becomes even more essential. For Doreen Duggan, connections are everything in life.

Doreen Duggan has spent the majority of her career as a real estate agent, and has learned throughout the years that being friendly and personable with her clients, even attempting to build legitimate friendships, has been instrumental in building up her client base. Doreen Duggan knows that friendly clients will often refer their friends and coworkers to her when they need real estate help. It is a point of pride for Doreen Duggan that clients consider her to be friendly in their interactions. Doreen Duggan strives to never be impatient or snippy with a client or coworker, and aims to keep an attitude of peace and friendliness at all times during the sales process. Her dedication to friendliness helps Doreen Duggan's clients and the buyers relax and move more smoothly through the complicated and stressful buying process.

Doreen Duggan is also aware of the effect that networking and building connections has within the world of interior design. Because interior design is such a subjectively judged industry, it is very difficult to have an independent measure by which to gauge the quality of one designer's work versus another. Because of the subjective nature of the industry, Doreen Duggan relies on the good reviews of clients and colleagues to bring in new business. Doreen Duggan's booming business in the field of interior design is evidence of the fact that her connection-building activities have been successful and that former clients are sending her new business.

Doreen Duggan is a Certified Interior Designer

Individuals in the process of selling homes can testify that selling a home that is empty and full of bare rooms is an extremely difficult process. For those individuals who are selling higher end homes, it is even more difficult as buyers are looking to be truly impressed during the showroom process. Because of the difficulties commonly faced in this situation, Real Estate Agent Doreen Duggan has taken it upon herself to become a certified interior designer.

Holding a certification from the Interior Design Institute in Newport Beach, California, Doreen Duggan has applied her interior design talents to clients' homes for many years. Whether clients are looking to sell their homes and need them staged or they are simply looking to spruce their home up for themselves, Doreen Duggan has helped countless clients get the right look for their homes.

In order to build her reputation within the interior design community, Doreen Duggan has worked hard to develop a network of trusted vendors. Doreen Duggan uses these vendors as suppliers for her interior design projects and knows that they will give her the best rates and best quality items available. Doreen Duggan passes these savings and the high quality of the products on to her clients. Clients who have worked with Doreen Duggan in the past are very pleased with the quality of décor that she brings in.

Doreen Duggan's dedication to interior design has helped her create a reputation as a successful salesperson when working with highly-priced homes. Her staging abilities have allowed her to create excellent environments for buyers to see, and have helped sell many homes during her career.

Doreen Duggan hopes that in the future, her interior design talents will continue to be highly useful in her work as a real estate agent and that her clients will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of her work.

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Doreen Duggan Loves Staging Homes

Attention to detail is what sets great real estate agents apart from the rest of the pack. When you are selling homes worth millions of dollars, it can be the little things, like cookies on the counter or furnished bedrooms, that set the tour apart for the buyer and lead to the sale. Doreen Duggan is an expert when it comes to these details. As a result of her certification as an interior designer, Doreen Duggan has learned to set homes up in the best possible ways to facilitate excellent tours and a higher rate of sales.

Doreen Duggan began to develop her interior design talents by working with clients to re-style their homes. As Doreen Duggan learned to work with what clients already had and repurpose their existing décor to be more aesthetically pleasing, Doreen Duggan began to understand how the same methods could be applied to the real estate industry.

For Doreen Duggan, staging the house for tours is the most exciting and rewarding part of the tour. Doreen Duggan knows that people are swayed by great first impressions, and so Doreen Duggan aims to have every home that she stages give off a welcoming atmosphere and a comfortable feel during the tour. Doreen Duggan's goal in this is to make the potential buyer feel like they are truly home, and thus help them build attachment towards the house. When the decision time comes, Doreen Duggan counts on the home-like feel of the tour to differentiate her houses from competitors.

Doreen Duggan's expertise in staging homes has led to an unprecedented record within the local area. During her time as a real estate agent, Doreen Duggan has managed to close every one of her sales with a list price of over a million dollars. Doreen Duggan hopes to continue this run, and will rely heavily on her talents in setting up the home before the tour.
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Doreen Duggan is an Art Aficionado

Doreen Duggan, a successful real estate agent boasting millions in property sales, has a knack for art and interior design. A long time art aficionado, Doreen Duggan’s eye for beauty, symmetry, and color coordination is second to none. While her accomplishments in the real estate industry are impressive, Doreen Duggan’s natural ability to make any space visually pleasing led her to pursue further education in interior design.

A graduate of the Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach, CA, Doreen Duggan has applied her aptitude and appreciation of art to her real estate career. Seamlessly combining her business sense and innovative design skills, Doreen Duggan has accomplished the unimaginable. Over the years, Doreen Duggan’s unique inclination for sales as well as design has provided her clients with the complete package in a real estate agent.

Always taking the time to add that personal touch to any real estate venture, Doreen Duggan has been known to give her client’s homes an “artistic once over” before placing the properties on the market. Because of her attention to detail and impeccable sense of style, Doreen Duggan has boosted property sales for many of her clients due to her proficiency in creating a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environment for potential buyers.

An expert in incorporating found items into a living space, Doreen Duggan has been able to beautify many of her client’s homes without incurring any additional cost. A gem in the real estate industry, Doreen Duggan’s clients have showered her with gratitude for her dedication to exceeding expectations.

Doreen Duggan’s success in her industry is a direct result of her dedication to helping her clients achieve their goals while focusing a variety of talents in order to procure interest in her properties. An art aficionado with the ability to improvise, Doreen Duggan is an invaluable asset to anyone seeking a real estate professional.

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Doreen Duggan: Personal Connection to Charity

Nothing motivates a person to engage in charitable service quite like personal experiences with people in need. For Doreen Duggan, that motivation came from close to home. Doreen Duggan's cousin-in-law has a daughter who has struggled with brain cancer her entire life. As this young girl has grown up, Doreen Duggan has watched her fight for her life and continue to survive the terrible situation she has been placed in. For Doreen Duggan, this was more than enough to spark her own charitable giving and push Doreen Duggan to become more involved in the community.

Because of her relative's struggle, Doreen Duggan knew something had to be done to help her. As a result, Doreen Duggan spent considerable amounts of time organizing a benefit to help her relative's family with the bills associated with childhood brain cancer. Doreen Duggan utilized her extensive network of connections within the Mantoloking Yacht Club and around the local area and secured donations of food and merchandise that would be auctioned off at the party. As the details came together and the princess-themed event was executed, Doreen Duggan felt truly blessed to be a part of such a worthy cause.

The merchandise was sold off at the party by way of silent auction, and the funds raised made a significant impact on the financial situation of the relative and her family.

Doreen Duggan's desire to work with charities and needy people did not stop with the case of her young relative. Doreen Duggan and her husband have donated regularly to the Boy Scouts of America, helping raise funds for service projects across the area and nationally as well. Doreen Duggan truly loves being a part of charitable activity, and constantly searches for new ways to impact the community in a positive, lasting, and meaningful way.