By: Dwisha, Harkirat, Ashlesha, and Mustafa

What is Communism?

A communist society is one that believe in the ideology of economic equality. The ownership of all property is common, and all social and economic activity is controlled by a self-perpetuating government. Basically, communism forces society to share all the same benefits not matter who you are.

Examples of Famous Communist Leaders

Why You're Wrong about Communism

Benefits and Disadvantages of a Communist Society


#1. Communism diminishes all class systems. Everyone in the country has access to the same health care, same food, and same education. The entire population of the country owns everything there is.

#2. Paves a way for a strong and safe nation. There would be no social disharmony because everyone is the same. Low crime rates because laws are strict and government has firm control.


#1. Limits ambitions because everyone is the same, there is no room for anything out of the ordinary. Communism sets limits to goals and dreams.

#2. You don't have any rights to express your opinion. Government laws are the final say, anyone opposing them can be punished severely.

The Beauty of Capitalism: Why Communism is wrong