Metroplex Academy of Dance

February Newsletter 2016

Does Your Dancer Have The Dancers Blahs?

It’s completely normal to have days when you feel unmotivated, even toward activities you normally love. But should you push through the “blah” and go to class, or should you give yourself a day off?
This feeling is completely NORMAL!!! Remember your dancer has been coming to dance class for 6 months now--- and Choreography has started. Choreography that we learn for the recital--- so this means we are doing the SAME dance---- OVER and OVER and OVER.
I see this EVERY year---
Don’t beat yourself or your dancer up for wanting the occasional free day. Dance training is tough, especially if you’re also juggling school, family, friends and other activities. If your dancer is not feeling motivated to dance, talk to them...give them encouragement and help build their confidence.
How to keep the Blahs Away:
  • Find the "WHY"?
  • Plan a Reward- You can also think of performing as your reward for all the hard work you’ve done in the studio. “Performing is the reason most of us dance,” “That’s the ultimate moment, when you’re out there doing what you love, and it’s a great reward for working so hard.”
  • Motivate and Praise your dancer. Ask them to show you their dances- try to learn them. The best Motivation to a a dedicated Parent.
  • Dancers Be Kind To Yourself- “If they feel sidetracked or discouraged, or if they lost their passion for dance---your teacher can help you evaluate what’s going on. “Maybe they are under a lot of pressure. Maybe they are worried about making mistakes. Your teacher can advise you on a course of action—and if their love of dance is fading, that course of action might involve taking some time off to regroup.

But if your dancer is just suffering from the occasional “I don’t want to dance” day, congratulations: They Are Human. “The best dancers in the world have days when they aren’t feeling great,”


Tuition is NOW DUE 1st- 10th. A late fee of $35.00 will be accessed for any tuition paid after the 10th.

Costumes Have Been Ordered- And Starting to ARRIVE!!! WhoooHooo!!

If your dancer is participating in the annual Recital- Costumes have been ordered. Thank to all you wonderful parents for paying on time.

A few changes this year in the Costume Process:
  1. No Costume(s) will be given out if you have a previous balance on your account.
  2. We will have a COSTUME day- You will be given a check list that all items have been given and received. PARENTS must sign and date the check list before the costume leaves the studio.
  3. You have ONE week from costume day to turn in your costume for alterations. After the week- You are fully responsible for any alterations.

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The M.A.D Performance Company Will PERFORM

We would like to invite you to support the M.A.D Performance Company as they perform on February 20th at The Eaton Performance Center. We have been invited to share the stage with the Eaton Sapphires in their Annual Dance Showcase. The Show will start at 7:00pm. Come and Support your hard working Performance Company.


  • FEB 8--11 Show Your Love! Wear Red, White, Pink to class!
  • FEB 15 We Will HAVE class
  • FEB 20 MAD Performance Company Performance at Eaton High School @ 7pm
  • FEB 27-28 Tremaine Dance Convention


  • Cody Allen
  • Julia Caudillo
  • Kadence Thompson