Timberland Boots

Product of the Dominican Republic

Timberland Boots- Product of the Dominican Republic


What is Globalization?

Globalization is the communication, involvement, and sharing of goods and ideas throughout the world. There are four categories to globalization. Cultural, technological, economic, and environmental globalization are these four major categories. Cultural globalization is the circulation of ideas and information that has formed company empires like McDonalds. Technological globalization is the advancement in social interconnectivity, and communication throughout the world. Economic globalization is the growth of the economy throughout the world with greater amounts of trading and bartering. Lastly, environmental globalization is the general concern for the environment with issues like climate change.

The Dominican Republic- (Click on Maps to See More Information)

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Potential Problems of Globalization- Cultural

In the cultural category of globalization, there are many potential problems like trading to countries who speak different languages, have different religions, and have different political positions. But also, the relationship between the two countries is very important. If one country is extremely belligerent and hostile, and another country is peaceful, then the status of their country's attitude can become a problem.


A potential solution for a cultural problem like a hostile relationship is foreign aid. If one country provides health care or money to another country, the relationship status between the two countries can improve. The results would be two happier countries.

Potential Problems of Globalization- Technological

In the technological category, one of the problems is the availability of the resources. The major natural resources of the Dominican Republic are not the materials that are used to make the boots. ( Gold, silver, limestone and gypsum.) The result of this is the need for the Dominican Republic to import most of their resources to make Timberland Boots.


A potential solution for this problem would be for drilling companies to try to find more of the resources needed to make these genuine leather boots.The results of this proposition would be lowered costs of making the boots because of the domestic resources and not foreign.( Also an economical advantage)

Potential Problems of Globalization- Economical

A potential economical problem for the Dominican Republic is the cost of the making the boots. The Dominican Republic's number one import is crude oil. Crude oil can and will be used in the making of the soles of Timberland Boots. The extra cost of getting oil from another country can be a real problem.


A solution for this problem would to find domestic oil, instead of foreign oil, to lower the cost of the overall boot. This would result in the making of a still high quality boot, but for a lower price.

Potential Problems of Globalization- Environmental

A potential environmental problem for the Dominican Republic is the effect of all the gases releases into the air by the boats and planes that come in from foreign countries. This results in a faster rate of global warming, and a more poluted ecosystem for the dense forests.


A potential solution for this problem would be to again, try and decrease foreign imports, and increase production of domestic natural resources. This would make foreign countries travel to the Dominican Republic less. This would result in a cleaner and helathier environment.

The Roots of Timberland Products

Timberland Boot Company needs large amounts of oil for their soles. So, the Dominican Republic gets oil imports from places like Saudi Arabia and Canada. All of the other resources are supringly domestic. Things like leather, and fibers for string come all come from the Dominican Republic! Once the products are in the Dominican Republic, the factory goes to work. Here is a video on how the TImberland Boots are made.


After this, the final product is shipped out to retailers all around the world. The customer then buys a pair of genuine Timberland Boots and has themsleves a really nice pair of boots.

My Relationship with Globalization

My common patterns with globalization are extensive to say the least. Globalization is everywhere! But, I am going to focus on when I get dressed in the morning. When I get dressed in the morning, I put on shoes, socks, pants, a shirt, and sometimes underwear. (Joke) These products are made from all around the world, as we know from this video.


There are good and bad impacts of globalization on everyone. On the good side of the spectrum, globalization makes it easy for you to get the products you need. But on the bad side, all this transportation of goods and ideas can make the world a pretty dirty place.

Globalization has an effect on everyone. There is no way you cannot be affected by it. I wear clothes, globalization. I eat food, globalization. The food I eat is made by some company somewhere, unless it is natural. And even then, my food is still affected by globalization. The food I eat is almost all genetically modified, which was created from an IDEA of growing food in a more efficcient way. And to transport those GOODS to me, the company needs transportation, which was started with an IDEA of traveling faster.