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Taking Back Control

by Ms. Alissa DeVito, Associate Director of Educational Technology

Kids and parents alike are feeling the stronghold of technology addiction. Sometimes it's so hard to just put the phone down and walk away - even though we know we should! As parents, we strive to be digital role models for our kids. How can we expect them to have positive habits when we don't?! And it doesn't help when app designers know exactly how to keep us coming back for more.

So what's a parent to do? Try these four tips to take back control of your phone instead of letting it control you! Then empower your tweens and teens to do the same.

  • Take Social Media off Your Phone - Studies show that people are less dependent on checking social media when forced to use the web version rather than mobile. You'll realize just how much time you spent scrolling through! Too hard to get rid of them all? Consider keeping just one app instead of them all to start, then two weeks later evaluate if you really need that app too.
  • Turn Off Push Notifications - With the exception of text or call notifications, push notifications make clicking on our social media apps very tempting. You can customize your push notifications by going into your phone's settings.
  • Turn on Grayscale - The bright, flashy colors of phones trigger the rewards center of the brain. By turning your phone to Grayscale, it tricks your brain into remembering your phone is a tool. Check out the video below from Common Sense Media for steps! Then impress your kids with a magic trick!
  • Move Apps off the Home Screen - By moving apps into folders or a second/third page, the brain needs to take an extra second to process our desire to tap open an app. The less we see those apps, the less tempted we are!

Have a tip that works for your family? Share it with us on Twitter!

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Alissa DeVito, Associate Director of Educational Technology

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