Third Grade Update

September 1, 2015

What are learning in third grade this six weeks?

Language Arts: This six weeks, we will spend our time setting up reader’s and writer’s workshop, establishing behaviors and routines to help our classroom run successfully and assessing students in order to gain knowledge on how to guide their learning. Students will work on building their reading and writing stamina, along with learning and practicing reading strategies. We will learn how to choose a “just right” book to read independently. In writing, students will develop topics and plans for writing.

Math: Place value means that each position in a number has a different value associated with it, that is, 362 is three 100s, six 10s, and two 1s. Often, we teach children about place value by asking them to think about, the difference between the 2 in 12 and the 2 in 24. However, children learn more about place value by solving problems that involve collections of ones, tens and hundreds. When children learn about place value, they begin to understand that groups of 10 can be created and counted just like units of one. Concrete models and pictorial representations are used to help students develop a strong understanding of numbers and their value.

Science: We will observe, measure and classify the physical properties of matter using temperature, mass, magnetism, and the ability to sink or float. Students will also use this knowledge to predict, observe and record changes in the state of matter caused by heating or cooling.

Social Studies: Students will learn the identities of local, state, and national government officials. They will participate in activities that show voters can influence what happens in the government. They will identify the services provided by the various levels of governments and be able to explain how taxes are used to finance these services. Students will explore the American founding documents and will recite the Preamble of the Constitution. Students will understand the term "consent of the governed" by making connections to following rules in the community and at school. Students will explore the idea that they can impact the decisions made in their community, station, and nation.

Third Grade Reminders

  • Send a healthy Snack & Water Bottle EACH DAY (ideas include: fresh fruit, dried fruit, cheese ,vegetables, granola, whole grain cereal, yogurt, or whole wheat crackers)
  • Lunch Times have shifted: 12:15 Griffith/ Martin 12:20 Brown/ Lucas
  • Ice Cream sales in the cafeteria will begin this week. Third grade students may purchase ice cream for $.75 each Thursday.
  • Our classrooms can be cold, please send a jacket/sweatshirt for your child if necessary.
  • Parents must sign their child's agenda EVERY night and Communication Binders/Agendas must be returned each day.
  • Weekly Homework: Students will read 15 minutes each night; Reading Log must be completed and must be signed by the parent each night. Math/Science Homework is due on Fridays.

School-wide Reminders

  • Fall Book Fair begins on Friday, September 4th. Events include: Buy a Book for Breakfast on Friday, Sept 4th; Evening Sales on Wednesday, Sept 9th from 5:30-7:30, and Grandparents Day purchases on Friday, Sept 11th.
  • Please support our students by joining our Stephens PTA. More info can be found at (organization code: bulldogs)
  • Our school collects Box Tops (funds will be used to purchase technology for student usage). Fall deadline for sending Box Tops to your child's teacher is Friday, September 18th.
  • Parents who would like to volunteer at our school, chaperone field trips, or attend class parties must complete a Volunteer Application/ Background Check.

Dates to Know

Friday, September 4: Book Fair Sales Begin

Monday, September 7: No School; Labor Day

Thursday, September 10: Cookie Dough Fundraiser Begins

Friday, September 11: Grandparents Day Events 1:15-2:15 pm (Grandparents may visit classrooms, visit our Book Fair in the library, or have photos taken on cafeteria stage.)

Week of September 14: PLC Week (see note below)

Wednesday, September 16: Third Grade PLC Day (See note below) wear athletic shoes

Wednesday, September 16: Progress Reports Sent Home

Friday, September 18: Box Top Deadline

Thursday, September 24: Individual Picture Day

Friday, October 2: End of Six Weeks

Week of October 5-9: Early Dismissal at 1 pm; Parent-Teacher Conferences (more info soon)

Monday, October 12: No School; Staff In-service

Monday, October 19: PLC Week (no teacher conferences or special areas on M, T, Th)

Wednesday, October 21: Third Grade PLC Day (wear athletic shoes)

Week of October 25: Red Ribbon Week

Wednesday, October 28: Progress Reports Sent Home

Thursday, November 5: Individual Picture Retakes

Friday, November 6: End of Six Weeks

Wednesday, November 11: Report Cards Sent Home

What is PLC Week?

PLC stands for Professional Learning Communities for teachers and staff. Once during each six weeks ("PLC week"), teachers and staff meet together during the school day to reflect upon student data and achievement. Third grade will have PLC days on Wednesday mornings ONCE each six weeks. During the PLC week, students' Special Area schedule will change. For third grade, that means that students will have Art, PE, and Music on Wednesday morning and will need to wear athletic shoes that day. Third graders will NOT have special areas on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday (teachers will not have conference periods on those days either).

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