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Welcome to this special issue of the Nicho News! This is an exciting an spooky issue because it is the closest issue until the Nicholson Street Halloween fete. There is so much organisation going into this years fete all thanks to the parent helpers and especially our Grand High Witch, Mel Moss. This school is also holding competitions like the Halloween bag competition, make sure to sketch up some spooky ideas and put them in the box at the entrance to the office. There are also new and exciting activities that are being held at this years Halloween Fete like how there will be two haunted houses and both will be a thrill of a ride! There is also the usual stuff in this edition like teacher of the fortnight, class of the fortnight and many reports about what is happening at Nicho! This issue's editors are Veronica and Ally!

Coming Up

  • 4 SEPT 5/6 assembly
  • 4 SEPT Father's Day Stall 8.45am
  • 7 Sept Primarily Fun Band Workshop at SSC Balmain

  • 12 Sept Music in the Park

  • 8 SEPT Debate Nicho vs Croydon
  • 10 SEPT Fresh Food Day-1/2C
  • 11 SEPT Assembly 3/4G
  • 14 SEPT Balmain PEP Program
  • 14 SEPT Interrelate Workshops (3-6) 6 - 8.15pm
  • 15 SEPT Balmain PEP Program
  • 17 SEPT Science Day
  • 18 SEPT Don't worry be Happy day

Principal's Report

Principal’s Report Week 8, Term 3

School-Community links are fostered through family engagement in school life. As a school we are working towards a model of planning that actively encourages parents to be involved in the formation and valuing of the school vision. This vision forms the basis for all that we do at Nicholson Street. Put simply, if ‘it’ doesn’t align with the vision of the school, we need to question whether ‘it’ should happen.

This level of consultation can only occur if we communicate not only about areas of growth but also celebrate what we do well. The recent Partners in Learning Survey, sent to all members of the school community provides a chance for all members of the community to give feedback on the teaching, learning and strategic directions of the school. I encourage every member of the community to take the time to complete the survey and ensure our school continues to grow from good to great. The log in information for the survey is:

· Username – parent18144

· Password – Nic2749


SAS Recognition Week

This week has been SAS Staff Recognition Week around the state. The school community is made up of many different people, all of whom play an important part in the running of a school ensuring all students are provided with a quality education. School Administration and Support Staff, whether in the office, the library, school grounds or in the classroom, are important to the success of our school. This week has been an opportunity for our community to acknowledge the vital role of our Administration Team: Front office staff, General Assistant and School Learning Support Officers. If you’re in the office in the next week and haven’t had a chance to thank the teams, you may like to join the students and staff in acknowledging the efforts of our Admin Team.

Community Forums and P&C Meeting

This coming Tuesday night between 6:30pm and 7:30pm I will be running the first of what will be monthly community forums discussing issues relating to the teaching and learning programs at Nicholson Street. The first forum will be examining the 2015 NAPLAN data and provide insights into how this data is used at Nicholson Street to help shape future directions. Directly after the forum will be the P&C Meeting. I look forward to seeing all members of the community who can attend the forum and P&C meeting on Tuesday night in the Library.

Mandarin Language Lessons @ Nicholson Street

After helping to grow the Mandarin Language Program at Nicholson Street and introducing a number of our younger students to a second language Mr Scott Smith has ended his tenure at the school due to personal reasons. Mandarin lessons for the remainder of the 2015 school year will be run by Mr Lidong Han. Mr Han has enthusiastically joined the Nicholson Street School team and I know you will all join me in welcoming him to the school.

Final Two Weeks of Term 3

The final two weeks of Term 3 are going to be action packed. In ten school days we are going to fit in debates, dance, assemblies, Balmain HS PEP program for selected students, Interrelate workshops, Science Day and finally, Don’t worry be happy day. With all this excitement it is important to remember that the expectations for high levels of behaviour and respect remain. I look forward to an exciting conclusion to Term 3.

I hope your week ahead is one filled with learning, laughter and life.

Mr Chris Buenen


School Info

This is for anybody in our school community who is having trouble contacting the school or wants to find out new information about what is happening, but you can also take a look at the coming up time table above!

Book Parade

Last Thursday was the Nicholson Street Book Parade, all of the students dressed up as their favourite book characters from books they love! Everyone went to an effort to to dress up and one parent even dressed up as the tiger from The Tiger Who Came To Tea. Well done to our award winners for the best dressed students, Harper and Asha your costumes were awesome. All the classes at the parade got the chance to say who they were and walk around the track showing off their fabulous costumes. We even had some boys dressed up as the wicked step mother and step sister from Cinderella! Many photos were taken so if there are any parents who would like some photos of the event and their child all dressed up then i'm sure another parent or teacher would be happy to give you some of the thousands of photos that were taken.
By Veronica
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Teacher Of The Fortnight

This fortnight's Teacher Of The Fortnight is our one and only drama and music teacher, Mr Cullen! We asked him some questions as usual and these were his answers for us.

What have you been doing in drama?
We have been developing skills in improvisation in different character roles. We have been doing this by looking into different fairy tales with a twist which helps improve performance in theatre. We have also been learning vox pops, topping in, freezing, miming, sculpting, role plays and more exciting and fun activities that will help with their confidence in drama!

What do you love most about being a drama teacher?
I love being a drama teacher because it is very fun and varied, it is also exciting because everyday is different. I also get to explore life issues with students in a drama sense and all the students really enjoy the drama activities!

What do you like most about Nicho?
I love Nicho because it is a small school so there are more varied and broad learning arrangements which help to focus on each student's independent ways of learning! Nicho also makes sure that this school is as involved with extra curriculum activities.
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Class Of The Fortnight

This fortnight in 5/6A we have been learning about many things.

In maths we have been learning about long division, long multiplication as well as how to make comparative column graphs and what a rhombicosidodecahedron is (a 62 sided 3D shape).

In English we have been learning about poetry and making poems about the Gold Rush and we also changed the words of a song to make it about the Gold Rush.

In science we have been learning about solids, liquids and gases. We have been doing experiments about these things.

I made a graph that compared the teachers’ favourite colours and the year 6’s from 5/6A’s favourite colours.

By Chloe


A testimonial from a parent about Interrelate.

“ I attended the Year 5&6 Session with my son Jack. It was handled thoughtfully and pitched at the right level for 10-12 year olds. I believe that it was needed - from listening to some of the kids’ questions, they were quite unaware of what was going to happen to their bodies over the next few years. It also treated the gender difference well - explaining the difference between boys and girls and letting them know that changes will not happen to everyone in the same way at the same time and that this was fine. What was emphasised was the need for mutual respect and understanding - that puberty is perfectly natural and something that everyone goes through.

The Session certainly broke the ice for further discussion at home. The discussion was serious but not overly so - allowing the nervous giggles and naive questions - the kids felt confident to share what they knew but also to admit what they didn’t know. I found it an interesting insight into the very different attitudes of the kids and the different stages they were at.

John Murphy"

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Father's Day Stall success!

We held our annual Father’s Day Stall this morning. selling scrumptious Spanish delicacies. The stall sold out fast and raised $760 for our school. A huge thank you to Lisa Wong and Juanjo Sagnier for donating all of the goodies - there will be some very happy daddies on Sunday! Thanks also to Chris Buenen and the Year 6 students for sorting and packing our Father’s Day bags. Our Year 6 students did a great job of selling while their mums looked on with pride!

Happy Fathers’ Day to all our dads, step-dads & granddads!
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Music News

Piano lessons with Donna Ng – Week 1, Term 4

We are very excited to be able to offer piano lessons at Nicholson Street. Some years ago, the Loader family donated an upright piano to the school, now this wonderful instrument is ready to be put to work on a new generation of pianists. Piano lessons will commence in Week 1 of Term 4, running on Thursday and Friday afternoons in 30-minute slots from 2.15pm with the last lesson commencing at 4.45pm. Lessons will take place in the small room off the 3/4GG classroom.

Donna Ng has been teaching piano to children for the past seven years. She holds both a Bachelor of Music degree and a Masters in Teaching. Donna is a classically trained pianist who incorporates both traditional and Suzuki learning techniques as well as developing aural skills to provide a well-rounded and dynamic music session. She aims to create a fun and safe learning environment that encourages creativity in her lessons while teaching her students the fundamentals of music

Places are filling fast, please email Hermina Sudar on if you are interested in your child learning piano. Many thanks to Hermina Sudar for taking on the organisation of the lesson schedule.

Primarily Fun: Band Workshop – Monday 7th September – SSC Balmain

Our Year 5 &6 Concert Band members are looking forward to taking part in the Primarily Fun Workshops on Monday. They can then join other primary school band members from the local area in forming the Inner West Combined Concert Band for the IMP’s Music in the Park event at Pioneer Park in Leichhardt on Saturday 12th September.

Applications are now open for the Department of Education’s Arts Unit 2016 Instrumental Ensembles. The Arts Unit Ensembles give students the chance to build on their involvement with their school music program, enabling them to be part of larger ensembles with challenging repertoire and a range of amazing performance opportunities. Our Nicho musicians have successfully auditioned for the Arts Unit Singers, Symphonic Wind Orchestra (SWO), Symphonic Wind Ensemble (SWE), and the Millennium Marching Band.

These ensembles rehearse weekly at the Arts Unit, Lewisham Public School and are open to students from across New South Wales. Entry to all of these Ensembles is by audition. The annual membership fees are $390 per ensemble. Applications close Friday 9th October.

If you would like more information on any of our music groups, please contact Kathryn Reynolds on

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