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November 2019

From the Principal's Desk

At Crossroads Center, we are focused on our students as individuals. We are working to make certain that each one of them graduates on time and is prepared to pursue college, career, or training after high school. We believe that students today need to be creative thinkers, and problem solvers, and that they need to be able to work effectively on a team. I believe that educators can help students to reach their potential and excel, not just by being good at teaching. They also need to be good coaches. In any athletic pursuit, a good coach will provide the athlete with a personalized “prescription” designed to help him or her improve. Similarly, teachers also must be good at giving students feedback on their performance.

Successful teachers know that it is not enough to only know the content; they must also know how to communicate with young people in a way that shows honest caring, concern, and interest. Students need to rely on our feedback to help them to set goals and to understand that success doesn’t always come easily.

Teachers at Crossroads are encouraged to have meaningful discussions with students about strengths and weaknesses, so that students can make the needed improvements in a timely fashion. We are not content with just earning good grades. At Crossroads, we want to ensure that all of our students master the standards that provide the structure for each subject. We hope that this feedback will help our students to set real goals and to persevere through problem areas.

As we move into the second academic quarter, I want to remind folks of some upcoming events. First, on Saturday, November 9th please join us for our Annual Fall Family Celebration! Each Community will gather at school and provide fall themed games, food and fun between 12:00 and 2:00 PM! This is a great day to meet all of our staff and enjoy some great fall times together.

Secondly, on Monday, November 11th we will celebrate Veteran’s Day at Crossroads, by hosting a historical presentation with a local World War II veteran, Mr. Bud Gahs. Stop by to experience living history with our students on this important day. And finally, Baltimore County Public Schools will celebrate American Education week November 18-22. Plan on visiting our school and giving us your feedback on how we are doing with your student.

As always, thanks for your support and partnership with Crossroads Center.

John S. Ward


Virtues Project and Mind Over Matters

The Virtues for the month of November are Kindness, Tolerance, Optimism, and Strength in conjunction with the Mind Over Matters theme for the month, Words Matter. With our Words Matter theme will be focusing on deleting negativity and treating each other with kindness and tolerance and showing strength and optimism by choosing to speak positively to one another.

Holiday Help

If your family is experiencing hardship this year and would like anonymous help with the holidays for children’s gifts, please contact your child’s school counselor no later than November 13, 2019. Thank you.

Ms. Kovelman- Antarctic Community

Ms. Donna- Indian Community

Ms. Smith- Pacific Community

Mr. Vann- Arctic Community

Ms. Rock- School Social Worker

Junior Achievement Inspire

Again this year, the BCPS Office of Career and Technology Education has partnered with Junior Achievement of Central Maryland to give all eighth graders the opportunity to explore career options both in the classroom and at a county wide career information/exploration fair held at the Timonium Fairgrounds. This year, our 8th graders will receive their lessons through their social studies classes with the help of the school counselor. All 8th grade students will be invited to and expected to attend the Career Exploration field trip in mid November. A Parent Night is also being planned for Tuesday November 12, 2019. Look for the Parent Night flyer and permission slip to be coming home soon with each 8th grade student.

Community News

Antarctic Community

October was all about how kindness matters! Ms. K worked with each student to come up with creative ways to show their compassion for others. In November we will continue will our Virtues Project focusing on Positivity, Tolerance, Acceptance and Strength. All students have also taken a first look at their six-year plans! Log into your child’s Naviance account to see how their interests and ambitions are fueling conversations about post-secondary achievement goals.

We also attended our first Experiential trip at Towson University where students engaged in multiple team building activities and pushed through both independent and group challenges to find success through communication, perseverance and patience.

Indian Community

Service Club is volunteering at First Fruits Farm on Wednesday, November 13th. We will be picking the current crop which will be donated to a local food bank. Students will earn service learning hours!

Math 8 News

It has been a great year so far for math 8. The students have been working hard. We completed our first unit and we began our second unit on proportional and non-proportional relationships. During this unit the student will be analyzing tables and graphs, writing equations to match the data and learning how to determine the slope of a line. The students did a great job completing their scientific notation project to see how scientific notation is used in the real world.

The students use a self-pacing program called ASCEND, this program is geared to fill in the gaps and misconceptions the students have with many math concepts. I am happy to announce we had 10 students complete a level during the first quarter. I hope to see many more students’ complete levels the second quarter.

Congratulations to:

Cameron C, Indya B., Andre M, Robert C, Dylan M, Dyllan L, Landon S, Benjamin B, Cajuan C,, Joseph G, Trinity R and Shyheim H.!

Students can access ASCEND at home for more practice.

On Wednesday’s, students are completing a math and writing activity, we call this WICOR WEDNESDAY. During this time students use the knowledge they learned to express their thinking in words, diagrams and using formulas.

If any parents have a questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Mr. Bartosch at

Pacific Community

Meet a Pacific Teacher

Ms. Livezey is our ninth-grade Earth Systems teacher. She came to Baltimore County Public Schools from Harford County, where she taught at Edgewood High School. She has taught for ten years, including two years in non-public education. Ms. Livezey has taught Forensic science, Chemistry, and Living Systems. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her son and dog. Her favorite holiday is Halloween where she enjoys creating costumes for her and her son to dress up as their favorite characters. Ms. Livezey is known for her creativity. She has been commissioned to draw portraits and a host of other art-related items. Ms. Livezey’s class is a favorite amongst students. You can see Ms. Livezey in action during American Education Week November 18-22nd or contact her at

Math Shout Outs

Congrats to Ms. Cooke's students who are achieving 80% or higher in her classes!

Algebra: Shiyah, John C., Jenay, Tatiana, Joseph H. Mackenzie, and Jonathan

Sets, Functions, and Probability: Maryrose, Cesar, Jailin, Dajah, Nate, and Amauri

Arctic Community

Science Shout Outs from Ms. Glover:

The following students have A’s:

Phoenix A

Dylan J

Shane K

Sharonda T

William G

Jailin J

Christina L

Dajah O

Amauri R

SPARC Shout Outs:

Mary Rose F- Completed Economics SPARC Credit!

Josh B Completed English 9 SPARC Credit!

We will be starting to look into afterschool SPARC work hours. Please email if your child is interested.

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Spotted in October

Upcoming Events

Fall Family Festival

On Saturday, November 9, 2019 from 12:00 – 2:00 pm, we will celebrate our Fall Family Festival with free food, games and literature from community members. There will be kid-friendly stations with fall activities, presentations, door prizes, and fun for all. Please send in your RSVP with your student so we have an accurate head count. Contact community leaders or Miss Ryder in Antarctic with any questions.

PBIS Important Dates

11/6/19 Jones Family Farm

11/13/19 Eastern Regional

11/22/19 Clubs

11/27/19 Eastern Regional