Cisco Jabber

Quick Start Guide

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Below are the instructions on How-To Open Cisco Jabber.

Step 1: Press the Start Button and Type Jabber in the Search Box

  • Right Click on Cisco Jabber and PIN to task bar
  • Click on the Cisco ICON on your task bar

Step 2: Login to Jabber with your network credientials. Check automatic sign-in

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Step 3: If it says Certificate Not Valid.... Check Accept on the Certificate (you may have to do this twice)

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Step 4: If it asks for Location CLICK Cancel

Step 5: Use my Desk Phone for calls

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Step 6: Startup Check

make sure the Cisco Startup box is checked. This will log you on when you start your computer.

  1. Settings icon upper right hand corner
  2. File
  3. Options
  4. Startup (Make sure the box is checked)
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If you have trouble logging in, please see your campus CTS.

David E Smith

TMS – Phone Technician