My Best Friends!

Simi Dhillon #12 7M

Harmeet Nahal

Harmeet is a great person to meet. She is a BIT loud but she is really kind and sweet. Harmeet has a really good sense of humor. She will brighten your day. She is a person who only a couple people can understand because shes a bit WACKO. Harmeet is a bit sensitive. Everyone should get to know her. She is my BEST FRIEND!!

Gunisha Sanghera

Gunisha is a very nice. She has an awesome personalilty. Gunisha is the kind of person that doesn't talk to much. When Gunisha gets to know a person really well she gets along with that person really well. Also Gunisha and me had a lot of fun times. We understand each other really well. Gunisha is my BEST FRIEND!!

Manpreet Ratte

Manpreet aka Manssi is also an awesome person. She is the one that gets me the most. We know how to handle each other at times. We can tell each others mood by looking at our faces. We get along really well. Manssi is the kind of person that understands you in little bit of time. Manssi is my BEST FRIEND!!