Principal's Office Tank

Erika, Leisa and Cassady

Tank in Principal's Office

40 gallons approx.

By Mrs. Greene's desk in the principal's office.

Tequila Sunrise Delta Guppy

scientific name: poeciliidae reticulata

price: $2.39-$2.55

biotic needs: flake food and vegetable protein

abiotic needs: silk plants temp: 72-84 degree F ph: 6.8-7.4

Max size: 1.5"

We chose this fish because of its vibrant splash of color the fish will bring to our tank.

Neon Tetra

scientific name: paracheirodon innesi

price: $1.00-$2.19

biotic needs: flake food, tubifex, bloodworms

abiotic: ornaments to swim through and silk plant temp: 21-27 degree c ph:6.0-7.8

max size: 2"

We picked this fish because of their metallic coloring that catches your eye when they swim together.

Black Kuhli Loach

scientific name: canthopthalmus javanicus

price: $2,08-$2.19

biotic needs: flakes, tibifex, bloodworms

abiotic needs: round edged gravel temp: 24-30 degree c ph: 5.5-6.5

max size: 4"

We chose this fish because it looks like a snake and we want some fish on the bottom level and it is unique.

Ghost Catfish

scientific name: kryptoterus bicirrhis

price: $5.31-$5.39

biotic needs: bloodworms, larvae live foods

abiotic needs: open area to swim and silk plants

max size: 4"

We chose this fish because they fit with Halloween theme and you can see their insides.

Bala Shark

scientific name: balantiocheilus melanoptterus

price: $2.23-$2.79

biotic needs: small live foods, bloodworms, tubifex

abiotic needs: rocks and driftwood

max size: 14"

We chose this fish because it resembles a shark and it goes with our pirate theme of dark and scary.


We chose the skull because it provides hiding place for the fish and the ship has holes in the bottom for fish to swim through. The gravel we are choosing is not sharp and the loach will be comfortable to swim on.


We are going to purchase three different vibrantly colored artificial silk plants to brighten up our tank. Our plants are going to be silk plants because we don't want our fish to cut themselves on the sharp edges that are often found on plastic plants. We chose these specific plants because we thought they were really pretty and because they wouldn't take up much room in our tank.

Total Price: $100.32

With 3 members in our group

Total price per member: $33.44