How to be safe during earthquakes

Diana & Yesenia

How to React Safety

  1. Practice for a real emergency
  2. Be ready for earthquakes any time
  3. Don't Panic (be calm)


  • Drop to the Ground
  • Go under safe place
  • Keep your knees to the ground keep your face facing down
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  1. Cover yourself under a safe place
  2. Is really important to keep your head covered
  3. Is always important to keep yourself save
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Hold on

  • Hold on to something tight
  • go under something stable
  • Don't let go until everything is Fine
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Emergency Plan

  1. Keep a safety kit in house or car
  2. in case of an accident
  3. if anyone is around, ask them if they need help
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Stay in contact

1. always have an emergency number you can call to or just (911) in case someone is injured

3.if you injured try to reach for help.

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