This Month @ Hilton HS Library

March 2013

Library Use by the Numbers

Library Visits

  • 262 students visited the library website
  • 521 classes visited the library for technology, research and collaborative activities
  • 1541 students visited the library from study hall

Library Circulation

  • 9th graders checked out 266 books
  • 10th graders checked out 85 books
  • 11th graders checked out 194 books
  • 12th graders checked out 229 books

Database and Media Library Use

  • Teachers and students watched 507 Brainpops
  • 22 AP/IB students used Questia for research
  • 50 students used Noodle Tools to create bibliographies and organize research
  • 376 students used eLibrary for research

Scenes from the library

The Librarian's Role in MYP

Librarians in IB World Schools offering the MYP play a vital role in collaborative curriculum development and implementation (IBO).

I am here to help with:

  • unit planning
  • resourcing units
  • planning for and mapping ATL (approaches to learning) skills
  • promotion of academic honesty (including such skills as referencing)
  • co-teaching lessons where students are learning information literacy skills in the context of their units

About the Hilton HS Library

The Hilton HS Library is here for you! We provide resources for reading, research, technology, and homework needs!