Our Year of Data

and so it begins....

A helpful guide to AIMSweb

Please review the items below to get a better understanding of what the benchmark and progress monitoring program looks like for Birch Street Elementary School.

Teacher information

Please read this. It's an overview of AIMSweb and gives some specific do's and don'ts.



Description of the Assessments we use.


Which tests are used for various grade levels?


Schedule for the Year (includes dates and probes for Benchmarking and Progress Monitoring)


BSE- K, 1st TEL and TEN testing by Para's; RCE by Heier

BSE-CSI 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th grade testing by Reust, RCEy by Heier

BSE 2nd, 3rd testing by McGlone and Strong; RCE by Heier; CSI by Bridson