Girls on the Run

Lessons 20 & 21

5K Logistics

The BIG day is almost here! Your GOTR participant has been working so hard all season and we know Saturday will be a very special day for her.

· GOTR NWO 5K on Saturday! Arrive around 7:45am at The University of Toledo (Track and Field Facility outside of Savage Hall Arena)!

· We are looking forward to seeing you and your Girl on the Run wearing her GOLD program shirt

· Be sure to include the hashtag #gotrnwo when you post pictures on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) so we can see all of the wonderful moments you capture on Saturday.

· Please read the attached document containing more information for our upcoming 5k!

· Please review the attached course map to see the route, parking options, spectator viewing areas, and more!

· Be sure to have your GOTR participant eat a healthy breakfast that will give her the fuel she needs to reach her 5k goal!

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Personalized Cheer Signs

If you purchased a personalized cheer sign for your GOTR girl, please pick it up after the 5K at the Waterville team sign to take home! :)

Lesson 20: Our GOTR Toolbox

Today’s theme: Our GOTR Toolbox

Today is the last official practice of Girls on the Run before the closing celebration. This lesson allows girls the time to reflect on their favorite memories from the season by creating a “highlight reel” and reviewing the skills they have learned over the past 10 weeks. They do this by looking over their Identity Card and applying the skills on their card to a variety of situations, such as a new student coming to their school. During the workout, they share what they like about themselves and Girls on the Run. Any final questions regarding the end-of-the season 5K will also be answered during today’s practice.

Today’s GOTR GOAL: Tell someone what you learned in Girls on the Run this season and practice using the tools in your GOTR toolbox.

Questions & Conversation Starters:

1. What are your favorite memories from this season?

2. What are some of the tools in your GOTR Toolbox? (These can be things that she learned in general or specific strategies such as Stop and take a BrThRR.)

3. What is one thing you like about yourself? (Share what you like about yourself as well.)

4. Do you feel like you are ready for the 5k? (If you are running the 5k together, share how you are feeling as well.)

LESSON 21: Final Celebration

LESSON 21: Final Celebration

Girls on the Run coaches determine how their team will celebrate the final day. It is an opportunity for the coaches to share positive thoughts about each girl and to honor each participant’s unique gifts and talents. It is a joyous occasion filled with love and laughter.

Questions & Conversation Starters:

· Today was your last day of Girls on the Run. What are you feeling right now?

· What was your favorite part of the celebration today? Why?

· It has been such an honor for me to watch you growing and learning over the last several weeks. What can the two of us to do together to remember your Girls on the Run experience?

· Let’s think of a small physical gesture (thumbs-up, a snap, a wink, etc.) we can do if we feel clouds starting to cover our star that will remind us how unique and special we are and to activate our Star Power.