$150 Gas Card Drawing

Win a $150 gas card this month! How? For every shift you are scheduled to work, you MUST clock in ON TIME, NOT call off, and your name will be entered into our drawing to win $150 gas card! You can enter your name multiple times to increase your chance of winning, so get organized, and get there!


Employee Referral Program

We are preparing for summer schedules and are currently hiring Certified Nurse Aides and Personal Care Aides for our team! Because you are the most familiar with (and a key contributor to) our great company culture, we value your intuition and invite you to refer any qualified friends, family members, or colleagues who would thrive in our environment.

For any personal referral you provide, we will pay you a $200 BONUS once the hired candidate works 200 hours. The applicant MUST provide your first and last name at the time they apply in order for you to get credit. The job posting and application instructions can be found at https://employers.indeed.com/m#jobs/view?id=dea76fce0790

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Thank you!


If you do not have your Log In Id for Telephony, please contact Jessie Thomas immediately. You will need to SAVE this information in your cell phone so that you will always have it with you. DO NOT call the on call Supervisor to ask them to clock you in because you don't have your information. It was given to you in orientation and you are expected to have it. We are all grown adults and can be responsible for our selves, right? Yep. We can.