Heroe's Don't Run By Harry Mazer

Smore Made By Luke Callaway

Summary of plot

Heroes Don't Run by Harry Mazer Is about a boy named Adam that goes to the Pacific War in WWII. In the beginning of the book, Adam is in high school, and he wants to go to war and fight like his dad, but he is only seventeen years old. Adam convinces his grandpa to sign the papers to join the Marines. His mom isn't happy because his dad was killed in Pearl Harbor. A few weeks later, Adam is on a LST (landing ships for troops) headed for Okinawa. Adam's ship lands on Okinawa. He is assigned to be a rifleman in the company of Marines that he is fighting with on Okinawa. They go around blowing up Japan's bunkers. Then, Adam gets hurt and has to go the hospital in Hawaii, and he is there for a long time. Adam finally gets better,and goes home to see his family. He hears about the atom bombs being dropped and Japan's surrender. Adam shares some of his war experiences with his family and neighbors. He hopes that there will never be another war.

Summary of theme

The theme of Heroes Don't Run is that there are consequences for your actions. Adam's mom did not want him to go out and fight like his dad did because she was afraid he would get killed like his dad. Adam chose to enlist anyway, and as a consequence, he got hurt and was pulled out of the war. Also, Adam saw many friends get shot and killed. He suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. Loud noises and sudden movements made him jumpy. When Adam went into any room, he also always looked for a place where he could run for him to hid in rooms.

Summary of research

I searched the battle of Okinawa because that is where Adam's ship went to fight. And I learned more about the troops on Okinawa. There where around 287,000 troops in the war. Japan lost more then 77,000 troops on Okinawa. The Allies had 65,000 hurt troops and 14,000 dead. This was a bad time for both sides because both sides lost men, by getting killed, getting hurt or some whet missing.

Research vs. Book

The author did not give details about troop injuries and deaths or different battles that were fought on Okinawa. I think the author needed to give more details about what happened on Okinawa. All it said is that Adam and his team goes around taking over Okinawa and stuff.