Great American Smokeout

Douglas County BElieve in YOUrself

Our Pledge Day is coming soon!

Nationally each year on the Third Thursday in November we celebrate the Great American Smokeout. We will be making a pledge across the district to "Live Tobacco Free" on November 21, 2013.

This is a day to promote the dangers of tobacco and to recognize the importance of being a non-tobacco user.

Join us in the celebration and find out more about tobacco use and how you or family members can Live Tobacco Free.

Great American Smokeout Pledge Day

Thursday, Nov. 21st, 9am

Douglas County High School, Front Street, Castle Rock, CO

Schools throughout the district will be participating.


  1. Find Smokeout Pledge Representative in your school.
  2. Sign pledge card and stick it on Tobacco Free poster
  3. Grab a tobacco fact card to inspire others to be Tobacco Free

We are BElieve in YOUrself: Live Tobacco Free

Learn More about teen tobacco use and emerging products by contacting Cynthia Redfern, Tobacco Grant Coordinator.

Available to educate/show and tell:

  • in teacher lounges
  • Professional Developments
  • meetings
  • PTO meetings
  • SAC Meetings
  • Kindergaten- 12th grade classrooms
  • assemblies