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Understand Text Structure

What is Text Structure?

Text Structure is how the author organizes the information within a text.

Why do text structures matter to readers?

  • It gives the reader clues to what is important in the text.
  • It helps readers summarize the text.
  • It helps students monitor their understanding, while learning the specific content that is presented.
  • Students can organize their thinking to match the structure of the text, allowing for effective comprehension of the subject matter.

Introducing Text Structure:

  • Description: Text that shares the who, what, where, when, why, and how of a topic or subject.
  • Sequence & Order: Text that presents the order in which events happen.
  • Compare and Contrast: The author shows how a topic is alike and different.
  • Cause and Effect: The cause is why something happens and the effect is what happens as a result of the cause.
  • Problem and Solution: A problem or issue is presented and then the problem is solved.

Identifying Text Structures Video

Try to find Text Structures at home!

Take a look at newspapers, magazines, flyers, and any other texts that you have in your home and have your child tell you the text structure!


In school, your child has created a Prezi on a topic of their choice. In the Prezi they have written a paragraph in each structure. For enrichment, they can turn these Prezis into ebooks! Have your child add more detail to their paragraphs, add pictures, and research more content to create their own book on the topic of choice.