Why Panda's Shouldn't Be Endangered

Please Help The Cause so Helpless Pandas Don't Die Off

How they became extinct

Over-hunting has brought numerous species to the brink of extinction because it can hurt the population of one kind. Competition with domestic and nonnative animals is a major threat to numerous plants and animals because that is a lead for pandas and other endangered animals to be extinct.

Some Ways We Can Save Pandas

Why the Reason Pandas are Endangered is a Problem

It is a problem because if we loose pandas, there will be a lot more bamboo. If we have too much bamboo, that will be very bad on the ecosystem and bad for the food chain.

Save the Pandas!

Solution 1: Conservation and community development

By protecting pandas, they will be safer from animals then before, but not fully. There will be at least a slight rise and the panda population. If communities around the habitat of pandas put up fences of pandas, it can protect the panda's predators.


  • It will protect pandas by humans
  • Pandas' population will slightly rise
  • More people that live around pandas will try to help the pandas


  • It will be hard to contact all communities around the pandas' habitats
  • This might cost a lot of money to do
  • It will take a long time to do everything.

Solution 2: Protected areas and bamboo corridors

We can protect areas by putting up fences, so people keep away from their habitats. Also if we have bamboo corridors, there will be more bamboo/food supply for pandas.


  • It will keep away a lot of humans
  • Give more food supply to the pandas
  • Keep them healthier to live longer


  • It will cost a lot of money
  • It might hurt the pandas' environment
  • This solution might cause natural disastors

Justified Solution

I think the better solution is Solution 2 because it will help keep predators away from the pandas. Also, fences will keep humans away from pandas' hibitats.