Mrs. Taylor's Science Minute

Week of Sunday, June 7th

Progress Reports


Please be sure to check your parent accounts this week, as Progress Reports will be going out.

Looking Ahead

Here is the schedule for the Week of June 8th - June 12th. Students, please remember that your work is due DAILY.

Items in BOLD are to be completed and submitted.

Assignments that have double asterisks (**) are not required and should NOT be submitted.

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Late Work

Just as a reminder, the latework policy is as follows:

1 Day Late: -25%

2 Days Late: -50%

After two days, the assignment grade remains a zero.

Viewing Quiz Feedback

Students, it is always a good idea to go back into your Quiz Attempts and view my feedback as well as answers to those questions that you missed. You may see them again on your Unit Tests or your Final Exam. Please view how to access your quiz feedback below:
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Discussion Post Expectations

Please know that there are specific things I am looking for when grading your discussion posts. You should...

  • Ensure your post is an appropriate length (typically at least one paragraph).
  • Ensure your post is on-topic. If your Discussion Prompt requires you to answer a specific question or do specific research, be sure that is what you are addressing in your post.
  • If you utilize ANY information, other than information that is common knowledge or already exists in your brain, you must cite your source! The author and a link to the website, or name of book, is fine. (THIS IS TRUE FOR PROJECT ASSIGNMENTS AS WELL!)

  • In addition, you should always respond to at least two of your classmates. "Good job," while nice, is not a complete reply. Replies should be of an appropriate length as well. One to two sentences is NOT sufficient. Some suggestions to elaborate on your replies include

- Asking a question.

- Sharing information you learned while researching your post.

- Sharing information you learned from reading their post.

- Posting a link to more information.

- Sharing an appropriate picture that relates to the topic.

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Synchronous Chat Session

Monday, June 8th, 7pm

This is an online event.

Remember, I conduct chat sessions EVERY Monday and Wednesday at 7:00pm. During these sessions, I go over what material you should expect to see on your tests and quizzes for each unit. I also go over the expectations for your assignments for that unit. It is also an opportunity to ask questions.

This Monday, we will be covering the upcoming Unit, Major Organ Systems.

The link to these sessions in located in the Course Information Widget, located on the right-hand side of your course homepage.

Can't make it to the session live? Listen to the recordings. They are located in the User Links widget on the right-hand side of your course homepage.

Mrs. Taylor

I am here to help you! Please email or page me anytime you have questions!