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Leader update

February week 1 Leader check in!

Quick VOLUME check in! By end of this week, here is where you should be to be pacing on track to hit your payrank GOAL.

Assoc Stylist 517TQV
Sr Stylist 1034TQV
Star Stylist 2068TQV
Assoc Director 4138TQV
Director 10,345TQV

Our focus this week is going to be building that trunk show pipeline. That is what is going to help ALL of us hit goals, whether it is payrank/promotion/Glam getaway-- trunk shows will be the key to success! Challenge your team to participate in a booking challenge or blitz this week and lead the way by sharing what you are doing to book more shows!

Update on HOL: We did not hit month 4 to earn Heart of Leadership for Associate Director. While it is disappointing, we still have a chance to DO IT again and I know we will get there before Hoopla. Third time's a charm?? (literally!!) February can be month 1! Let's keep working on building that momentum and make our next run be Feb-March-April-May! #believe

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New Stylist Training

The Home Office has standardized New Stylist Training. If you have a new stylist, please check the training calendar in the lounge and make sure you provide details to your new stylist on how to call in for these valuable trainings.

The RockSTARS leaders are also on a rotation for new stylist calls, watch the facebook group. These calls will usually be Monday night. Tonight's call is with the incredible Beth Pensabene and will focus on booking!

If you sponsored a new stylist, please set up a group chat with myself and your new stylist so that we can co-train together! The best thing she can do is to book trunk shows to maximize her Jumpstart, so get her brainstorming that who-do-you-know list and give her words to say to reach out!

Sky Full of STARS group

Going for Star stylist this year or have stylists on your team who are? Make sure you are on the Sky Full of STARS group run by your RockSTARS leaders! You will get on track through weekly challenges and pace towards that coveted sweet spot in our business!

Join our own Executive Director Allyson Houchen TONIGHT on the kickoff call!

Monday, February 1st @ 9pm EST

HOOPLA details in the lounge!

Don't miss the Stella&Dot event of the year in Orlando, FL! Mark your calendars now and plan to join us! Trust me, you will only regret NOT going!

If you register early by 2/12, you will score an EXTRA $50 product credit towards the Fall launch!

Log in to the lounge and then click here for the full details!

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Thank you for all you to do lead your teams! XO