team sanford

march 19

Action Items

-Maximize instruction time

-Every instructional choice is geared toward students meeting end of year assessment goals (SOL, PALS)

-Scuba not water ski (go deep; dont skim)

-Tap into the excitement that the students have with the words on the Morning Show. There is an entry point for all grade levels to break down the words, the roots, the prefixes, the suffixes, syllables and even alphabetic knowledge. These skills are assessed, but they also help make better readers.

upcoming EVENTS

March 24 Playbook Day 300-400

March 24 SURN observations at Sanford 9am-11am

March 26 Picture Day

April 3 MP3 Ends

April 6-10 Spring Break

April 15 Report cards due for review no later than 12:00

April 21 Report cards go home

May 1 K-2 Field Day

April 28 Playbook Day

April 29 Grade 5 cap and gown pictures

May 11 SOL testing window opens

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Another high-quality Jeff Joyner production. Here the first graders are singing and the next set had the second graders.

One City: Sanford families cheering the marathon runners on. Elayne Russell led the SCA in making posters and with Jill Spielberger screaming the runners on, a good time was had by all.

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