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October 2017

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Wear a Blue Shirt on October 2 to Support Anti-Bullying

We want Andover Central High School to be a safe place for everyone. If your child has had a one-time or repeated incident, please help us by letting us know. Even if you would just like us to log the information and not necessarily act on it, we appreciate knowing in order to monitor the situation. Also, if we have attempted to act on it, and you or your child believes it has not helped, please let us know. Many times unless someone tells us that it is continuing, we feel like it was resolved.

Students can access the Bullying Reporting link listed below, or they can visit with a counselor, administrator, teacher, or any other staff member.

Wednesday, October 11th- Morning- Testing/ Afternoon- Career Fair

Students have signed up for their preferences, and we will email reminders to them as well as post them at school. Pre-ACT results should be available mid-November, and PSAT results will be ready in December. We will share the results with students. Juniors who are taking the practice ACT will grade those in their English classes for immediate feedback.

Futures Fair

Tuesday, Oct. 17th, 8am-3pm

Wichita State University Koch Arena

Students and parents are invited to attend the Futures Fair. We do not send students on a bus, but parents can excuse students to attend the day session on their own.

This fair provides a one-stop shop for postsecondary options after high school. Representatives from more than 100 local and national postsecondary institutions attend Futures Fair each year.

Click here to see the schools:

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