Happy Halloween

Haunted Pipes?

Pumpkin 'guts' can create Halloween havoc on plumbing

At this time of year, millions of pumpkins are being carved into jack-o-lanterns, creating immense quantities of leftover pulp. Many homeowners begin the carving process by opening the pumpkins in their kitchen sink.

Unfortunately, some of the “pumpkin guts” can be incorrectly dumped into drains, eventually clogging kitchen drains – resulting in a call to a local plumbing professional to fix the problem. Similar problems have been reported when the material is flushed down the toilet.

While the pumpkin pulp seems soft and mushy, it can quickly dry and harden in drain pipes and that will create all sorts of ‘Halloween Havoc’ in your kitchen.

To avoid a 'pumpkin gut' drain disaster, carve pumpkins on a layer of newspaper, which allows carvers to wrap up the mess when finished and then properly disposed in the garbage, or a compost pile.

But if you do need a drain fixed, contact Clint at Cavalli Plumbing & Gas and Happy Halloween.


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