February Update

separation has definitely made the heart grow fonder

Hello Lovelies!

long time no Update! I really do hope your winter break went well! I do know this is kind of a late check in email, but better late than never as they always say! Please keep reading and find out important information, fun information, and any other stuff I may have added for you all!!
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courtesy quietness

okay, so this has been a bit of situation that has been cropping up lately, So I thought I'd address it. Yes, quiet hours are not until 12am, but that does not mean that you should reenact the one scene in Tarzan where Tarzan's family finds Jane's campground and basically goes crazy (I shall attach said scene below) Even though the hours are not in "action," there should still be a sense of courtesy quietness, you don't know what your neighbors are going through, maybe they had a rough day and wanted an early night, maybe they're not feeling too hot, etc. Its more of a common respect than anything else, and I just ask you pass on what you would like for yourself.

Oh, and if you find your neighbor is being just a tad too rambunctious, you as a resident of the hall have every right to go ask said neighbor to quiet down a little (nicely of course)

I'm sure many of you already know this, but it never hurts to rehash.

Trashin' The Camp - Tarzan


This is a PSA from the higher ups, putting in your deposit confirms your desire to live on campus for the upcoming academic year!

On scholarship?

  • if you are on full scholarship you must go to residence life by 5pm on Friday the 19th for a room deposit to be credited to your name.

Pay in person

  • Cashier's window is on the 1st floor Blow Memorial hall from 8am - 5pm

Got Credit?

  • you can email bursar@wm.edu to have the money transferred, but you have to request it or it won't happen

You can even pay by mail!

  • make the check payable to William & Mary, should include your name, and ID.
  • postmarks will not be honored, get it in on time!
  • here's the address:

William & Mary

The Cashier's Office

P.O. BOX 8795

Williamsburg, VA 23187

Then of course you can pay online too, Here's how:

    • Log into Banner Self Service
    • Select Student
    • Select Student Account
    • Select eServices
    • Select eDeposits - you must select this in order for your deposit to be accurately applied to your account for room selection
    • Select Term - Fall 2016 and Deposit Account - Returning Student Housing-200.00
    • Click continue to provide payment information.

Have questions??

  • you can email the bursar or call 757-221-1220
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Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

This past Monday marked the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, China's biggest and most ceremonious holiday! The traditional lunisolar calendar maintains ceremonial significance, and so every year around the new moon closest to the beginning of spring, Chinese people ring in the beginning of a new annual cycle - a chance to honor ones ancestors and prepare for the good fortune to come.

This holiday is chiefly about family, spending time with those who care and are around you. one fun tradition is the exchange of red envelopes, red is regarded the symbol of energy, happiness, and good luck. Inside the envelope is usually money which is hoped to bring more happiness and blessing to the receivers.

Which is why there are red envelopes on your doors, they may not be filled with real money, but they are filled with real wishes of prosperity for the year of the Monkey!

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It's almost that time of year where if you are like me, and are still very single you start to notice the amount of couples popping out of seemingly nowhere in time for St. Valentines. Now this does not mean we single ladies need to be sad or mope, rather the opposite actually. In my mind Valentines day is a day of appreciation, appreciation of those around you, your family, and your own self. Look at you, look at where you are, look at what you are accomplishing. YOU ARE A DYNAMITE GAL.

This is what is most important around this time of year where everyone is focusing on getting bae, instead focus on you. show yourself some love, even to the parts of yourself you may not necessarily be fond of. You know what i mean, the stretch marks on your thighs, the stubborn zit on your nose, the size of your hips, etc. Take some time to truly love yourself fully. for once you learn to love yourself, then you can truly love others.

OH and for those ladies who have a SO already, Still show yourself all the loving you can and Have a Wonderful Valentines Day!

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I've never done this but... would you, yes you reading this like to go on a date with me? No, I'm serious, lets get food! I love chatting with you guys, as much as I love food, put the two together and I think some beautiful things would happen! LET ME KNOW AND WE SHALL GO! (rhyme intended)

Need to contact me??

Stop by the room whenever, I'm almost always home!!