Dazzling Drama

If you like stages and weird costumes then dramas perfect

By:Erica Terrell

Drama can be very cool to some people, Or they can just think its lame. Most people sit down on their free nights just chilling and watching TV. And just thinking, WOW that’d be cool to act. There’s only one solution…. Sign up for drama!

Many places

There are many places you can go for drama. Most high schools and middle schools have a drama program. You can even take after school classes if you want. Plus, many ages can join drama; it just depends on where you go. It’s very energetic and can be very fun if you love to act!


Now for preparation. It can take hard and very serious work to prepare for a show. You have to have a script. What’s a play without a script to memorize? It also takes lots of planning. But at the end of all of that it really is worth it.

Importance of drama

As Cheryl Evans and Lucy Smith said in their book, Acting and Theatre. They said “Plays do more than tell a story, they bring it to life vividly”. Acting can be very fun and easy if you can take it seriously while having fun. You have to know though it’s not something that’s supposed to be boring. It’s supposed to be very fun!


So now that you read that very fastenating article you think about considering drama. It can be quite fun. But you do have to be serious a little. So listen to your drama teacher. Cause you really dont wanna miss something fun.

Types of plays:

funny, dramatic, serious, upsetting, horrifying, good/bad, romantic, (and many more)


background, wardrobe, props, a place to put on the play, scripts, actors, makeup, (and many more)

Fun games:

miming, grape raisin, trust, pulsing, blind faith, gobblegook, mirror, and fruit salad


tiptoes, shoulder drops, head rolls, leg slides, shoulder circles, wrist circles, knee stretches, and ankle circles


Acting and Theatre

By Cheryl Evans and Lucy Smith

Glittery phantom mask