Fever 1793

By: Laurie Halse Anderson

Who Will Survive?

Matilda and her family are stuck in the middle of life and death. The horrible fever called "Yellow Fever" and they have know idea how to survive! If they make it to the end of the fever, who will be alive and who will be gone?

The Book

The book "Fever 1793" is about a girl named Matilda who lives in Philadelphia in a coffee shop with her her mother and grandfather. When the town gets infected with a fever they try to flee. When their plan fails they have no idea how to survive. Who will make it to the end and who wont?
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Book Cover

This is the book cover. On it you can see the eye is yellow. That is one of the side affects of yellow fever. When diagnosed your eye turns yellow and you feel weaker.


In the book Fever 1793 the main character of the book is Matilda. Matilda lives in a coffee shop with her mother and grandfather. When she get yellow fever her grandfather is the one who takes care of her because nobody knows where her mother went. Once the fever has completely passed she has to take care of herself because everybody else is either passed on or too weak to function themselves. She changed in the book because in the beginning she didn't have to really take care of herself and all she had to do was work in the coffee house. In the end of the book she learns that she needs to do a lot of work because she's older and has to take care of herself and work the coffee shop herself.

Praise or Pan

I praise this book. I loved all if the details the author out into the book. I like how Matilda goes through the struggle but learns how to defeat what she's going through by acting like an adult. Matilda is my favorite part of the book because she gives the perfect example of how to be strong.