Beautiful House on SALE!

Asking Price: £1,569,000

This 1.5 Million pound mansion is up for sale right now!

It's got an endless view of the green planes in the land of Sketchup! It has one huge swimming pool to freshen up your day and it has a big enough table to host a party full of elephants!* The perfect dream home for anyone that enjoys solitude and elephants.

*Party's with elephants are not permitted due to the extreme conditions they will be exposed to in the land of Sketchup.

For sale at OLIVER.CO estate agents in London.

Extra Stuff!

This dream house comes with it's very own TV! capable of playing only one channel, one program and one scene!

The plumbing and Electrical lines are sold separately for a meagre...£108,870!!!

(subscription ends 2 months after payment)

This mansion is 75% guaranteed to give the satisfaction that you want.