September 2 - September 6 VOL.# 3 ISSUE#1

Week at a glance


Labor holiday


8:00 5th grade team mtg


8:50 Enrichment team meeting

11:15 2nd grade team mtg

New Student Lunch bunches

...1st grade (11:00)

...2nd grade (12:00)

...3rd grade (11:30)

2:00-2:15 Boy scout rally for grades 1-3 in cafe

2:20-2:35 Boy Scout rally for grades 4-5 in cafe

3:00 1:X planning meeting in Learning lounge (103)

7-8 Boy Scout meeting @ CRE


8:15 Fire Drill

9:35 3rd grade team mtg

10:25 4th grade team mtg

New Student Lunch Bunches

...4th grade (12:30)

...5th grade (1:00)

12:35 1st grade team mtg

4th grade iPad deployment parent meeting 6:30-7:30 (library)


Football shirt spirit day

2:00 Special education team mtg

Spirit day

4:30 After school BYOB study at Brenda Wittenauer's house:)



School Board mtg.


Say cheese......School pictures


9:15 PTA executive board mtg.


"If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back."

~ Regina Brett

September Birthdays!

5th.....Joanie Jackson

6th.....Sheila Stevens

9th.....Karol Ellis

9th.....Betty Robinson

17th....Beth Carpenter

18th....Shelli Phillips

23rd....Valerie Wall

Updated Information


*Mrs. Moore will begin New Student Lunch Bunch meetings on Wednesday. If you have new students (new to Coyote Ridge) can you please remind them they are invited to have lunch with her during the times listed above. Also, regular lunch bunches will start the week of September 9th as well as guidance classes. When she meets with your teams next week, you can discuss the best guidance times for your classes and lunch bunch referrals.

*Please remember we need your sunshine dues. They are $20.00. Please make checks out to Randie Faulkner.

*Please make sure you have made contact with all of your parents within the first 2 weeks of school.

*We have scheduled our first fire drill for 9/5. Please make sure you bring out your class roster, red/green flip chart, and emergency bag. Thanks!

*So far, lunch has been pretty smooth. Our kindergartners are learning very quickly (due to our super awesome kinder teachers:)). Please make sure students in line are quiet. This helps students get in and out much more quickly. For grades 1-5, please try to group students by what they are eating. If students bring money, this should be sent down to the cafe first thing. Lastly, please make sure you are filling out the lunch order forms on google. Thanks!

*Please make sure you have completed your PDAS section 1 of your self report prior to September 16th.

*September 3-27; grades 1-2 {Reading DRA2/EDL2, Reading DRA Analysis Tasks

grade 1{Word Study WTW}

grades 3-5 new students only {Reading DRA/EDL2 & Word study WTW

October 4th Data needs to be entered into Aware

September 23-October 10 grades k-2 {Math BOY Universal screening}

September 30-November 4 Kinder {Reading DRA word Analysis Tasks

November 11th Data need to be entered in Aware

*Please make sure your doors are always locked. You can ensure this by placing a magnet in the door frame. The fire marshal has shared this is appropriate.

*We need to make sure we are all on the same page for ozone days. I am looking to see if there is an app the district wants us to use. Thank you for flexibility!

Coyote Pride

*I would like to send a shout-out to Mary and Connie for being incredibly amazing with making sure everything is going well in my classroom with the inclusion support this year:) Yay for a great year here at CRE! McKenzie Allemier

*I want to say that this year is already GREAT! We have the best Principal (of the Year!! whoo-hoo) and new Assistant principal in the land and I feel so lucky!

THANK YOU LADIES! Julie Martinez

*I am excited to work with Valerie and Beth. Both have embraced the 2nd grade way! They have been so flexible and bring so much to the team:) Randie Faulkner

*Thank you Sheila and McKenzie for all your help and support. I love you! Randie Faulkner

*We are excited to have Dawn and all our new CRE Family members here at CRE!!!

*Thanks for a terrific first week of school. I know our feet are achy and we are all a little sleep deprived, but it's all worth it:) MJ