Warren Middle School

WMS has something for everyone!

Advanced Art

In 7th Grade Advanced Art, you get to better your art skills. You get to enjoy the true potential of art and have extra time on current artwork. Another benefit is that you get to take pride in being an "Advanced" art student. Lastly, you get to work in peace......well, about 95% of the time. Advanced Art has lots of good qualities; however, it can be intense and does take away your FOCUS time every Monday and Tuesday.

Broadcast Journalism

In Broadcast Journalism, you get to explore the Journalism world. You are informed of all the jobs in this field of work. You also write stories in the writers perspective. One great thing in this class is that you get easy 100s because most assignments are simple and self-explanatory. In this class, the following are done on an average weekly basis: Typing.com, Editorials, CNN News, etc. Because there really aren't any present bad sides, I would not hesitate to join this class.

Desktop Publishing

In Desktop Publishing, you get to literally CREATE memories. Your one who gets to create the school wide yearbook. You are the one taking memories in the form of pictures. You also get to come up with funny sayings; doing this all on computers (desktops). The only struggle would be if the students will like your work. After you get the hang of this class, I'm sure you will be a pro.

Musical Theatre

If you have the chance to join Musical Theatre, I would strongly suggest it because it's very important to come out of your shell. In this course, you get to do the following: sing, act, perform, and overcome stage fright. Personally, I like to embarrass myself, and you get to do that every now and then in Musical Theatre. Finally, you get to meet new friends. One struggle would have to be is that stage fright can be hard to overcome.


One all-star benefit of taking Spanish is that you get to be bilingual! That's huge! It opens tons of new opportunities in the future! This will eventually lead to a better looking resume and maybe higher one's self-confidence. I just think it'd be great to visit an English-free country and be able to know any other language. Lastly, the only thing I could see as difficult would be it typically isn't the easiest thing to learn another language. In the seventh grade, this is only offered to the dual language students; but 8th graders are more than welcome to sign up.