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Carroll Elementary School

We Have A New Classroom!

We are LOVING our new Quest classroom!

It is BIG, it has WINDOWS, it has a ROBOTICS TABLE, it's INSIDE!!!!

1st Grade Year At A Glance

First grade students learn about their role in the school and society and what it means to be in a gifted program. Students become zookeepers and design animal enclosures/habitats in the Texas State Standards Project called "Animal Nation."

2nd Grade Year At A Glance

Second Grade students learn about themselves and their strengths in the "Who We Are" study. Then they immerse themselves in the wonderful world of nature with a study of math and nature.

3rd Grade Year At A Glance

Third Grade students study the world of business in the Texas State Standards Project "The Big Business of Toys." Students run their own toy business by creating and marketing a toy to their peers. Students also explore simple machines with the LEGO Simple and Motorized Mechanisms sets as they learn different ways to build toys.

4th Grade Year At A Glance

Fourth grade students begin the year with learning about their strengths and passions in "Who We Are." We progress to learning about STEM skills with the LEGO EV3 Programs and a space exploration study.

Kindergarten Year At A Glance

The Quest teacher visits the Kindergarten classes the first semester to teach critical, creative, problem solving and evaluative skills. Referrals are accepted in late November and the students are screened in January and February. Parents must complete a referral form available online and return it to school for any assessment to occur.

Kindness Matters

Recently I have noticed some of my students behaving unkindly toward other students. I see it in their facial expressions, I hear it in the way they speak to their peers and this behavior disappoints me. I regularly remind my students that they come to Quest classes because they think different. None of us is better than anyone else. Simply put, people are different. We think differently, we learn in different ways, we enjoy different things, and we ALL have gifts and talents to share with the world. It would make my heart happy to see and hear more acts of kindness in our school. I hope you will join me in spreading kindness and modeling humility for our children.
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Carline Safety

Dear Parents,

We are asking for your cooperation when dropping off and picking up your child. The number of cars who are pulling around cars while we are loading and unloading students from both sides of their vehicles has increased over the last few weeks. Please do not pull around any car that is in the drop off/pick up line. This is the for the safety of our CES Dragons.

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

I appreciate your help and support,

Stacy Wagnon


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